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among them, the applications that we offer you here all have a little something that set apart them from the other. One is very dressed functions, the other ultra-compatible with Android devices. These are only examples and by doing a search on the Play Store, it of pretty crazy to see how files, also known as file explorers and/or queue management manager, jostling at the door.

If this type of application is unknown, its purpose is to find files in a snap of a finger. Finally not always, but that’s why the search option is there and bearing any loss of time. What kind of files? Actually, it depends on the managers, but they can usually find music, photos and videos. There where also some wind files, read text, access to the cloud or to a PC.

Note: most of the explorers/file managers have names that look alike (such as File Manager, File Explorer or file manager), so you do not have by the bad.

Astro: reliability first of all

after having demonstrated my potential over the years, Astro is probably one of, if this is the most comprehensive file manager on Android. Regarding its more, he has abilities an Explorer standard and, in addition to being compatible with several hosts of online files such as Facebook Photo Albums, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Astro also allows to find its files to your Android on PC.

astro androidpit france meilleurs gestionnaires fichiers android
interface is fast and clear with diverse and useful features in different cases. © AndroidPIT
  • compatibility: from Android 2.3 Gingerbread

  • business model: free with advertising

Astro application is a free download on the Store:

ASTRO Manager files Install on Google Play

leader Commander: simplicity by the Material Design

for me of the eye for a while Leader order eventually became my favorite Manager for data management. Here, the fluidity is not a problem with an interface editable in Material Design that will not leave indifferent the most picky users. Side options, the basic interface includes the basic files for videos, images, documents, music and downloads.

AndroidPIT best file explorers file commander 1
file Commander is one of the easiest ways to find files and folders on Android. © ANDROIDPIT
  • compatibility: from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

  • business model: free with in-app payments

as the previous two, leading Commander is free on the Store:

leader Commander – File Manager Install on Google Play

Solid Explorer: robustness


qualified as very flexible in navigation for the classification of its files Solid Explorer is an excellent alternative to looking for a good file manager. Its possibilities, we are closer to Astro and are of a firm Beta. Solid Explorer also is part of the big pioneers in this sector applications.

solid explorer androidpit france meilleurs gestionnaires fichiers android
less beautiful, Solid Explorer interface is very simple to use and with the compatibility of the double window. Let’s hope an update come satisfy users in lack of news. © AndroidPIT

as my neighbors presented, the Solid Explorer application is very reliable and fluid in use. By this, I mean that crashes are rare and even nonexistent on popular Android tablets and smartphones. We imagine that it is similarly for others, unless that minor bugs have not yet been identified.

  • Compatibility: from Android 2.2 FroYo

  • business model: free with advertising

to enjoy Solid Explorer, it will cost 1.99 euros on the Store:

Solid Explorer Classic Install on Google Play

File Explorer: double window in the spotlight

located at the crossroads of Material Design and Android’s Holo UI interfaces File Manager is a file Explorer that is capable of working with multiple windows simultaneously. More precisely, it is possible to view two windows at the same time, but also to keep other side open. Rather useful when you want to make big moving file by hand and that there is not necessarily a computer at hand.

file explorer androidpit france meilleurs gestionnaires fichiers android
cute enough, the File Explorer application is able to display two windows at the same time, several powers in memory almost unlimited. Alternatively, you can manage the display of previews in different ways, to improve readability. © AndroidPIT

in addition, he also implemented a reader/editor of documents, texts, images, videos, compressed files (.zip, .tgz,. tar.gz, tar.bz2, .7z) and decompression through Rar Extractor, but prefer him AndroZip, which is more reliable . As if this wasn’t enough, it offers compatibility advanced with several types of FTP, and support of your files in the cloud on Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync, and SkyDrive, etc

  • compatibility: from Android 2.1 Flash

  • business model: free with advertising

File Explorer Install on Google Play

Total Commander : a classic Windows on Android

Total Commander is not unknown. File Manager did the heyday of Windows for up to Seven years. Be aware that it is also available on Android and that it will not disappoint you. Despite its design from another time, Total Commander allows you to manage all your files (copy, move, rename, delete…) and much more.

total commander file manager
the interface can repel queques users but do not forget the excellent file manager that is Total Commander. © AndroidPIT

the app offers the possibility to be used as a FTP client, to access its local area network LAN and even manage a “root” for the main functions support. Finally, its interface is available in french. Coooe on PC, it’s quickly indispensable.

  • Compatibility: from Android 1.5

  • business model: free with advertising

Total Commander Install on Google Play

9. Root Browser: the best for rootes smartphones

Root Browser is the best file manager for smartphones rootes. In addition to being a fully functional file, Root Browser Explorer allows you to change the permissions and ownership of the files and modify all types of files. Your phone does not need to be rooted in order to find, move, or delete files with Root Browser but if you root, Root Browser gives you an excellent opportunity to do much more interesting things.

androidpit root manager file manager
are you rooted? Use Root Browser. © ANDROIDPIT
  • compatibility: from Android 2.3

  • business model: free with advertising

Root Browser Install on Google Play

we arrived at the end of this article, we hope that you could find your happiness among the alternatives proposed, and this, even if builders and developers of Custom ROM offer also. If you already have one, is – it in this list? If not, tell us in the comments.

Article written by Tony Balt

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