The best alternatives to the Galaxy Note7

the Samsung Galaxy Note7 (or perhaps Nope7) met a sad fate. The new Samsung phablette was not only a high-end device but it was also very pretty and was convincing on many points. Unfortunately he has had a sad fate and must now settle for alternatives. We offer below smartphones which, although they have no pen, would be able to compete with him.

OnePlus 3 T: performance at a good price

if the OnePlus 3 had amazed you, enjoy the OnePlus 3 T since it is almost the same device but better. This device costs “only” 439 euros on the shop of OnePlus, IE less than was the Note7. For this price of 439 euros, you get 5.5 inches (0.2 inches smaller than the Note7) phablet and still more powerful hardware. With the Snapdragon 821 and 6 GB of RAM, it is part of the best, as on paper than in practice. In addition, there a C Type USB port, which allows to load faster and transfer data faster.

The disadvantages are at the level of the screen: it doesn’t really match the Super AMOLED Samsung, and indeed few smartphones are able to achieve. Unfortunately, the 3T OnePlus does not support microSD cards, but these 64 GB internal memory should be sufficient. And then there is the camera which is excellent, as on most of the high-end. If you buy a smartphone at a small price, you can be sure that on this point you lose in quality, and that’s the case here because on this point the OnePlus 3 T is not comparable to the Note7.

AndroidPIT oneplus 3t 1380
the color is different, but for everything else, looks like a OnePlus 3. © AndroidPIT

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: the King of Kings

shortly after the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in our office, I wrote that this device was going to bury the Note range. This displeased some, but I still think. Unless you really want to have a stylus, I see no reason to prefer the Note7 S7 edge. Why? The S7 edge is cheaper, a slightly smaller (0.2 inch) screen, which means that you will have a better density of ppp (if you interested in these things there).

Regarding performance, both devices also have the same hardware and the first comparisons place the edge in head S7. Cameras are also identical, and the S7 has a bigger battery. Even a small detail: they both curved borders.

Conclusion: If you can survive without a stylus, so it would be folly to prefer the Note7 S7 edge.

AndroidPIT Samsung galaxy s7 edge 13
best smartphone in the world? Probably. © AndroidPIT

Huawei Mate 9: 0.2 inch of more

if 5.7 inches are not enough for you, then the Huawei Mate 7 might interest you. This phablette of 5.9 inches is huge. She uses an IPS display which, although it is not as saturated as the Super AMOLED of the Note7, is doing really well. The definition is not as good as on the Samsung phablette but this poses no problems.

We have the Kirin 960 processor that offers much better that its predecessor and, if the performance proved to be average at the level of the games, they are still very good and you won’t encounter any problem on a daily basis, regardless of your use. The biggest characteristic of this 9 Mate, this is EMUI (based on Android Nougat) 5 which allows fans to Stock Android to reconcile a bit with Huawei.

The other great that Mate 9 CERT, it is its battery. This device is really good the road, inside we have a 4000 mAh capacity, which allows to keep quietly a day and a half. She puts a good slap to the Note7 which, let us recall, is 3500 mAh.

AndroidPIT huawei mate9 0438
this Mate 9 screen is really very good. © AndroidPIT

among the less recent smartphones, we can mention the Google Nexus 6 p which is one of the references in the world of phablets, but that date of 2015. It is certainly cheaper than the Pixel above XL but it boasts a more recent material.

I would love to be able to add smartphones such as the Google Pixel XL or even LG V20 which are also excellent devices but they are not for sale in Europe. However, Pixel XL could well happen soon on the market according to some rumors.

Do you know other alternatives? According to you. which is the most interesting?

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