That's how virtual reality could evolve

VR technology is booming and happens to interest as the manufacturers and users. We are still only at the beginning of the era VR and the situation is further complicated at the moment, but the future is looking good. The Japanese still see further since they are planning to add a new dimension to technology: the smell.

we have seen recently that the VR difficulties to be totally accepted: technology makes some sufferers (headaches and nausea), attracts little because of a catalogue of applications a little skinny, but the major problem is of course the price quite bit affordable. It will therefore take time to make the VR accessible to all, and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing since that day – the technology will be much higher than now.

The VR and smell

some seek solutions to these problems, others want to go further. A Japanese company has the ambition to make virtual reality more real by adding meaning to the two already existing (hearing and eyesight): smell. Thus, they develop the VAQSO VR is a small device containing cartridges, each with a specific smell. Depending on your adventures in virtual reality, certain smells will be freed in order to fully immerse yourself in the universe of the game. This technology obviously needs to be improved but it has potential.

ANDROIDPIT VR glasses 13
we can feel the sweat and blood in a VR boxing match? © ANDROIDPIT

as CNET , the smell is already associated with the RV but in more specific situations. We already have this idea in the OhRoma CamSoda, and from a perspective of less glamorous we find it also with the Nosulus Rift Ubisoft. Hope that we can come up with something more interesting that sex and farts (please hold back you if you want to write in comments “it should test both at the same time”).

What about the other way?

The sight and hearing are the basis for a video game experience and smell preparing for my arrival, we have more than touch and taste to implement in the RV to have an experience complete. In theory, the touch is quite simple to design as you touch a controller to interact (it can act of magic wand, sword etc). That said, if we want a FPS game in which you shoot with a gun, it will take more than a simple controller, but the number of accessories and types of controllers will only increase with time.

Be able to test the taste of a dish before eating is an interesting idea

what do you think?

The taste is much more complicated because it is a direct interaction within your body (IE bring something into your mouth). Unless you use an external accessory optimized for this (which seems quite little practice), I can’t imagine an alternative. That said, I can’t imagine the usefulness of taste in games or in guided tours. Perhaps that could be used by confectionery companies or other companies of restorations to show their products? This is pure speculation, of course…

How do you see the future of VR?

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