Snapdragon 835: how Samsung sabotaged the MWC 2017

the Galaxy S8 will likely be the first smartphone on the market to take advantage of the latest Snapdragon 835 of Qualcomm. Of after Forbes, other manufacturers will be able to use it after its release in April, Samsung who produces the chip with visibly mobilized all stocks first. A decision fraught with consequences for the competing manufacturers that will have the choice between pass after Samsung or use a chip last year.

snapdagon 835 qualcomm

not of Snapdragon 835 at MWC?

Although for now, the information disclosed by Forbes and corroborated by The Verge is not official, the latest statements from HTC confirms words affirmations of the U.S. site. According the Taiwanese manufacturer, no high-end Android under Snapdragon 835 would be presented at MWC , many manufacturers should therefore rely on Snapdragon 821 or wait until April.

Why no manufacturer would benefit from the living room so it is because the processor is not yet available?

If HTC that comes to present one HTC U Ultra under Snapdragon 821 decided to wait to unveil its high-end 2017 under Snapdragon 835, in this case, the successor to the HTC 10, this is not the case for everyone. LG G6 will be officially unveiled at MWC and according to Forbes, 821 , would be equipped with a Snapdragon SoC used in the high-end of the second half of the year 2016.

In practice, it is a monster but will still weight in six months in the face of the 835 Snapdragon? It remains to be seen. More so when you know that LG is counting on its G6 to return to success after the failure of the G5. There is also not for him that the stakes are monstrous.

Earlier this week, Nokia confirmed prepare a high-end under Snapdragon 835 specifying that further to be patient. The manufacturer who has just made my comeback is expected to present several smartphones in Barcelona next month but we should clearly not be expected at the high-end.

The fact that the last chip from Qualcomm remains reserved for Samsung until April automatically means there will be no high end built for 2017 at MWC? For most manufacturers, it will actually be the case, but not for Huawei, which manufactures its own Soc and is expected to unveil its Huawei P10 on the eve of the opening of the show. A great opportunity for the Chinese automaker that the exception is not dependent on Qualcomm, or Samsung!

An imperceptible difference to the user?

The 835 Snapdragon from Qualcomm is a monster built for 2017 and forward-looking but will for all bury the Snapdragon 821 on arrival? my scores on the benchmarks will be, obviously much higher and from here a few months, we can already bet that more no smartphone 2016 under SD821 will be in the top 10 AnTuTu but is it really a problem?

From the point of view of the user, absolutely not. The chip out only a few months ago is powerful, reliable and offers excellent energy efficiency. The differences between the Snapdragon 835 and the Snapdragon 821 finally remain minimal and quite insignificant.

Of course, the fact of its eight cores and its burning in 10 nm, the SD835 is more powerful. It is also more economical in energy, offer a quick charge more effective via the Quick Charge 4.0 and a better connectivity through 5.0 Bluetooth, Wifi (optional) ad and its modem LTE supporting networks 4 G category 16 but was really need all that in 2017?

But a competitive advantage in less

if some manufacturers seem to have decided to wait out their flagship 2017 under the last Soc of Qualcomm, others will clearly rely on Snapdragon 821, which remains an excellent processor. The problem is that these models will be sold at the price of the high-end, a price that it will be very difficult to justify in 2017 and even more when the Galaxy S8 and Snapdragon 835 other smartphones have made their arrival.

From a marketing point of view, it is a major problem that arises for competitors from Samsung. One year to the next, smartphones are changing less and less and the most significant development is finally the processor. Many users also often buy the high-end of the previous year just to pay less but pay they price of a high-end of 2017 for a Factsheet of 2016? Probably not, and that is indeed the problem.

The alternative offered to these builders, it’s to wait for April and the release of the Galaxy S8 to be able to use the latest Qualcomm Soc. The price at which they will offer their latest high-end will be perceived as more justified. But in doing so, they will take the risk of arriving behind Samsung which will come of in an eyeful at the whole earth with its Galaxy S8 . It will be more difficult for them to differentiate themselves.

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