Snapchat: how to reduce battery consumption and data

Snapchat is an application that we use every day and several times a day. The kind of application that we love but that melted the battery of our smartphones like snow in the Sun, not to mention the consumer of data. But there some tricks to save your battery as your mobile plan as well.

snapchat economiser batterie

how many times a day are you going to snapchat ? Probably as much as anyone to post a snap or watching the story of your friends Facebook. Suffice to say that your battery quickly takes a hit and for cause with all the snaps that load one after the other. But did you know that there is a trick to disable this option enabled by default. Here’s how.

How to activate the trip on Snapchat

in its default settings, the application loads all snapshots of friends in the background. Thus, the flow is constantly updated when you start. If you are constantly connected to Wifi and that you always have a charger and a nearby power source is not a problem but this is rarely the case.

Fortunately, once you activate the ‘Journey’ mode, the application will work totally differently. Just for that of:

  • Swiper down

  • open the menu by clicking the wheel

  • go to Options > manage preferences

  • mode to ‘Travel’

snapchat data batterie

initially, this mode is intended for people going abroad regularly and with little of data but it can quite agree as part of a daily use.

Disable localization

the second thing to do to save your smartphone battery , once you have activated the travel mode, it is to disable access to the location. It just that your smartphone either Marshmallow or Nougat. Here’s how:

  • go to the menu settings > device > Applications of your smartphone

  • select Snapchat then permissions

  • uncheck the ‘Position’

snapchat batterie

Note that when this option is unchecked, you more access to location-based filters.

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