Smartphones: can builders still surprise us in 2017?

The first wave of high-end Android 2017 will soon be arriving. Much of the new models will be unveiled at MWC and during the following weeks, providing the new trends of the year. In view of the latest rumors, manufacturers seem to have developed the Overdrive but will still be able to surprise us this year?

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of the innovations proposed in the dropper

between 2008 and 2014, the proposed innovations each year by manufacturers were many and the new developed very quickly. The size and definition of screens increased from year to year, design was improving a little more with each generation and mobile cameras earned in precision. Then we started to observe a form of stagnation.

Apart from a few exceptions, most of the top current high-end offer screens Full HD 1080 p or slabs Quad HD with a size ranging from 5.1 to 5.7 inches, depending on the policy of the manufacturer and now, it’s often on the side of the power that smartphones are improving.

Each year, there are new models of more powerful and more efficient mobile processors in energy thanks to a finer burning like the last 835 Snapdragon from Qualcomm . Processors that allow you to run games more more greedy and achieve spectacular scores on benchmarks. Another trend observed last year, more and more builders are climbing the RAM level on up to 6 GB and this year is expected to see this limit expanded to 8 GB.

Here again, it feels on the benchmarks, but what is in reality? Is all this power necessary to perform common tasks that three-quarters of users are limited? Probably not.

samsung galaxy s7

high-end age more!

If your uses are limited to texting, taking pictures, watching videos on YouTube and go on social networks, a high end of 2014 or 2015 will do perfectly. Most of the flagships out in recent years take great pictures, offer a screen of sufficient quality for watching streaming videos without bleeding eyes and are powerful enough to do all that we ask them without getting out of breath.

But then in that case, who is the next wave of Android smartphones? And just to the most demanding users willing to invest 700 or 800 euros to always have more power and benefit of a model art. The problem is that although they are still the most impressionable, there are however not the most numerous. In addition, they are also the most difficult to satisfy.

The average user who has the same device for two or three years and wishes to change Smartphone will be able to settle for a perfectly intermediate model sold less than 300 euros . The new top high-end so be demanding before all users always looking for the latest technology in date and ready to pay the price but these users are also the most difficult to surprise target. Manufacturers will have to redouble our imagination.

smartphones borderless

the innovation expected in 2017, the powder in the eyes?

In 2016, most of the high-end devices were equipped with a processor Snapdragon 820 (or 821). A very powerful Soc which reconciles brilliantly power and efficiency and which has so far not taken a ride. All were also equipped with a camera worthy of the name , a screen offering a more than adequate quality and premium design. The question that therefore arises for virtually all manufacturers this year, it’s how to do better? And the answer is simple: by innovating and creating a surprise effect.

A prerequisite to stand out in 2017. With some manufacturers, news will their arrival with a train of delay compared to the competition, but this is a topic which we discussed today.

For example, S7 and S7 Edge Galaxy . Two smartphones so successful both in terms of performance, screen, design or photography that I still wonder how Samsung will be able to do better this year. Fortunately, the Korean manufacturer has more than one trick in my bag, but in view of the recent rumors, seems to have especially plans to focus on two areas of innovation, design and features.

In terms of design, we already know that the Galaxy S8 should mark a break with the previous models. The phone would be equipped with a screen borderless with the disappearance of the Home button front in favour of a fingerprint reader built into the display. A change sufficient to arouse a certain element of surprise but it does not stop there because Samsung should also innovate on features.

Borderless screens: the best fig leaf of builders for 2017

rather that rest on Google, the Korean automaker which recently bought Viv Labs should also integrate its own personal assistant based on artificial intelligence. An assistant which will, moreover, open to developers. The intelligent assistants remain reserved for certain categories of user. Everyone do not use, however, the Wahoo effect is probably already guaranteed.

Other manufacturers like LG have a more difficult task. Samsung rival must both innovate but also to fix the mistakes made with the G5 that was a real failure. The system of modules which LG has vaunted the merits just a year ago will be so abandoned on the LG G6 in favour of a design more premium and (best of all) water resistant.

But that’s not all. To better differentiate, LG should also propose a ratio of 18:9 screen to provide a more immersive experience than competing smartphones that “merely” a 16:9 ratio. An innovation no doubt wiser and less risky than modules.

We can also cite the example of HTC which has already presented some of its novelties for 2017 with including a new design that said goodbye to aluminum to glass, a secondary display on its high phablette range and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to all these new features, manufacturers will still be able to surprise this year, maybe a little less than previous years and especially their next news will seek a more restricted than before, target at the time where the innovations proposed by the manufacturers still brought a real value to the user. It therefore may be not enough to push the largest number in change the smartphone this year .

smartphones pliants

but every innovation expected in 2017 will know no doubt generate a minimum of interest. In addition, smartphones folding and convertible tablets that several manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Microsoft are preparing to cite that them will perhaps be the next revolution in the market if the idea is sufficiently well exploited.

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