Should install antivirus on their Android smartphone?

It’s one of the big questions that arises when using an Android smartphone: installing an antivirus? Security issues have become very important in recent years, especially since the revelations of Edward Snowden that caused greater real awareness on the issues of privacy and security. But install an antivirus is really necessary? Android is less secure than iOS? That risk the user if it does not install? Here are our answers.

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if I get a virus on my smartphone, what are the risks?

The virus problem, is that they start not all by the smartphone to malfunction. Thus, most of the time, viruses and malware attack your data personal : IDs, passwords, addresses, and sometimes banking information… The number of personal data in a Smartphone is unimaginable. Smartphones have become our companions on a daily basis and they store much more information than any other device connected.

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obviously, once these personal information retrieved is the gateway to your bank accounts in some cases: calls to surtaxees destinations, purchases After theft of your information of credit card etc. Surprises are sometimes really scary then the caution is required.

How do you get a virus?

A bit is the basic question, and even if many users think they know the answer, they are not always right. The first thing to know is he’s vulnerable from the time when a device is connected to the internet . And as he is vulnerable, the user must exercise the greatest caution. Because it was my actions that will cause the infection of the smartphone. It is also valid for the tablets and PCs.

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it is also recommended to pay close attention to different wireless networks to which you are connecting. For example, viruses can be sent if a Wifi network is not secure, and even by bluetooth. Finally, make sure your emails and applications that you download. Because everything that is not in the Store is likely to be a threat.

Are Play Store apps safe?

As we speak, is the Store safe? If a time of developers were able to circumvent the barriers set up by Google to broadcast many malware, the Mountain View company has much worked to secure its application store.

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now, it is almost impossible to find an application infected in the Store. Google has implemented a permanent scan apps from its store but not only. Even applications from external sources, so absolutely not controlled by Google, are scanned to check if they contain viruses or malware.

In addition, Since Android Lollipop many improvements in terms of security have been made . One thinks for example of default encryption that protects the personal data of users. It is one of the measures that have been taken after the revelations of Edward Snowden.

Here’s how to secure your passwords according to Edward Snowden

Android is less secure than iOS?

It’s a little war on this ground between the two BONES. Each defends my piece of fat of course, but what about users? Some have the misconception that Android is much more vulnerable than iOS. This is because the Google OS is open while iOS is closed. But in fact, the Apple OS is not more secure than Android.

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it is purely psychological. The idea of opening scares and suggests that all the doors are open and that there is no security. It’s totally false. On the other hand we think that iOS is ultra secure because it is totally closed and controlled by Apple. This has not prevented a famous American actress to see her most intimate photos stored in your iPhone disclosed in the public square .

Whether it’s Android or iOS, the risks are the same. From the moment where a device is connected to the internet it is vulnerable. It is then that will make the user which will cause or name an infection of the device.

Antivirus Android are really effective?

Let’s not beat around the Bush, antivirus are not necessary . So you can use your Android smartphone without installing antivirus. You will not take any more risk than a user who have installed an antivirus. And this isn’t because the Google Store is full of antivirus means that they are important. There are also many applications that mimic the sounds of pets, we know the great utility.

Virus Shield

the speech of the giants of the security necessarily reinforce this idea to an antivirus. Kaspersky, Avast! and many others do not hesitate to justify the usefulness of the antivirus. However, not only they are not essential, but they are sometimes dangerous. Some antivirus, that are not part of the big names, sometimes are scams, software whose only purpose is to recover your personal information. Others are one real catastrophe for the autonomy of the smartphone. Finally, some antivirus applications greatly slow down the performance of the smartphone.

Nevertheless, some users are reassured by installing an antivirus. Again it’s totally psychological but if it helps them to feel better, why not. But if you opt for quality and reputable antivirus.

Which antivirus to choose?

Looking for a antivirus for your Android ? We will advise you as said previously, to direct you to the most well-known titles. Please also check the comments of other users, the number of downloads and the permissions it requires.

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their experience will be often crucial when it comes to define what antivirus is the most effective and which consumes the least amount of battery. Keep in mind that an application scanning your phone permanently will necessarily play on the autonomy of the device.

The best free antivirus on Android

Conclusion: no antivirus is not required!

Safety may be at the heart of our concerns, is not the antivirus that will solve problems . Psychologically they tend to reassure users, they must not take the place of the greatest danger: the user himself.

antivirus android indispensable

because there is a statistic that never fails: d years 100% of cases, infected smartphone is due to a manipulation of the user . Whether he realized it or not, it is always the source of an infection. You can’t say you were not warned.

Android security: the right things to protect themselves from the virus.

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