Should I still buy a high end in 2017?

The first wave of smartphones Android for 2017 will be presented the month next to the MWC, with the exception of the S8 Galaxy, which will be announced later. This year, the new arrivals will be numerous and important innovations. What do techies salivate! But what is it really justify buying a high end in 2017?

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2017, a year rich in innovations.

In 2017, the builders should just improve the models launched last year but actually planned to innovate. In the program of the trends this year, smartphones on screen borderless, artificial intelligence and even folding smartphones. 2017 will be the year of the revolution?

With some manufacturers is almost a certainty, including Samsung that counts all upset once again with my Galaxy S8 to be presented after the MWP but not only Samsung. All manufacturers have planned to innovate and surprise in 2017.

If you’re the type to throw you on the latest technology in date, you should have trouble keep you crack this year, however, it could well cost you more than usual.

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prices on the rise!

The smartphones of 2017 will be more innovative, more beautiful and more powerful but also more expensive, especially in Europe because of the euro dollar exchange rate. A situation that isn’t new. Is remembered especially the Nexus 5 X and 6 respectively sold p 479 and 649 euro upon their release in France end of 2015 while Atlantic, they cost only $ 379 and 499 $ on arrival.

It’s already several years that smartphones are more expensive in Europe than in the USA, but the trend should still increase, especially since he is not the only factor likely to drive up the price of consumer electronics since there are two other: the increase in the cost of components but also the choice of some manufacturers to use materials more premium.

The Galaxy S8 is expected 15 to 20% more expensive than its predecessor. Thus, it should cost at least 850 euros in its basic version and more than 1000 euros for the models with a larger storage capacity. A salt addition that could do more than one dissatisfied but Samsung will probably not the only one to review its rates on the rise.

Innovations that are worth?

Some expected in 2017 innovations seem to already impressive on paper, but justify they really to spend half a salary in the purchase of a new smartphone? We would rather tend to answer No.

It won’t of course in question the interest of these new technologies, the possibilities offered by the artificial intelligence and usability resulting, the promises of power of the last 835 Snapdragon from Qualcomm or perfectionism of manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei who Excel annually in their field. But the fact is that in 2017, the market has changed so much that we find good smartphones at all prices including the lowest.

Goal, for my money!

If this year, there is no doubt that manufacturers will not hurt to entice technology lovers with a new batch of impressive features high-end devices, the average consumer can easily be satisfied by a smartphone less than 400 euros , see less than 300 euros. Over the past years, the border between high-end and mid-range declined considerably.

Apart from the high-end sold at very aggressive prices like the OnePlus 3 or Xiaomi Mi5s and which also constitute an interesting alternative, the first mid-range announced this year are really impressive. We think especially of the last Galaxy A3 and A5 we have seen close last week or even to the Huawei P8 Lite 2017 sold only 249 euros not to mention the Honor 6 X sold fewer than 250 euros also.

In 2017, mid-range devices at the same time offer a quality screen, good performance and a decent photo sensor. This was already the case in 2016, it is even more this year. In addition, also remains the alternative of buying a high end of the previous year. Prices of devices launched in 2016 have fallen considerably, yet, they have not aged a bit.

If you decide to buy a high end in 2017, it will therefore not only because you are looking for a new smartphone offering a certain quality, because now, the quality is no longer reserved only to the high-end devices. The high-end which, when you think cater less to the general public and more at techies.

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