Samsung on the Snapdragon 835 exclusivity will affect all manufacturers

the S8 Galaxy does not begin the year as we had imagined. On the one hand, other manufacturers will have more room on the spotlight at MWC, on the other hand we ignore it with the S8 will be able and, especially, if it will attract customers.

Most manufacturers usually use a Qualcomm processor. At MWC, we should see this new generation of high-end smartphones and; so far, all had one thing in common: they had to use the Snapdragon 835. Finally, it is well possible that smartphones presented in Barcelona still use the Snapdragon 821.

image keith kressin qualcomm ben suh samsung with 10nm snapdragon 835. feature
Samsung produces the 835 Snapdragon and gets a reward. © Qualcomm

for some manufacturers, this is rather bad news. This is the case of LG: according to the Forbes report, the manufacturer would use on my LG G6 Snapdragon 821. An inside source of the Korean company stated that opt for an older Snapdragon smartphone allows you to test it more in depth. In the LG G4, LG had not used the fastest processor and this did not prevent him being a very good camera.

Technical differences between the 820/821 Snapdragon and the Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm had not had luck with its Snapdragon 810: the processor was overheating and was not performance prowess. It came mostly from the production process: the direct competitor of Samsung that was used in the Galaxy S6, the 7420 Exynos, has been finalized in a more modern way and advantages some level of economy of energy and heat management. The Snapdragon 808, on the other hand, was less powerful but it is much easier to control the heat.

Is it wise to opt for the Snapdragon 821 while the 835 Snapdragon is preparing to enter in the race? The technical differences are size: Qualcomm decides for a happy medium between hearts of ARM and Qualcomm compatible with ARM architecture: hearts respond on behalf of Kryo 280 and are based on the A72 Cortex or A73 with additional optimizations.

snapdragon 820 835 penny image
the 835 Snapdragon outperforms its competitors. Qualcomm ©

we are dealing with an octocore processor although ourselves here the principle of big. LITTLE. Higher frequency, GPU accelerated, and improvement of the energy potential through a modern production process. In other words, we do not have an improved Snapdragon 820/821 simple but worthy of the name updated.

You will find a detailed look at Anandtech .

Who needs a Snapdragon 835 today?

We have seen that there are technical differences between these two processors of Qualcomm. We can ask who needs so much power. Of course, Qualcomm promises the smartphone consumes less energy and can last longer. That said, it won’t still able to do a marathon, if you want a long service life and if your unit is often in standby, a mid-range processor is more suitable. We see it every day in writing.

And performance, do we need? Those who are accustomed to the high-end smartphones have noticed: on a daily basis, the difference between them is barely visible. Bike Z, Google Pixel or Galaxy S7 : same combat. If you experience performance problems, it still comes quite rarely processor but instead of the network, memory slow or saturated, or other factors.

AndroidPIT samsung S7 epic citadel 1278
video games run smoothly on smartphones. © ANDROIDPIT

we have the use of games, as well as recording and editing of photos and videos. In QHD, with a Smapdragon 820 games run without problems but not always with the best details. There are tricks, for example to reduce the definition, which shows on the S7 Galaxy of visible results. Regarding the graphics performance, there is still some way to go, especially considering the VR where one cannot ignore the high definitions.

The official web page of the Snapdragon 835 shows in which direction we go: virtual reality is at the top of list, as well as a lower power consumption, better features for the camera and Gigabit connectivity.

What could this represents for the manufacturers and the MWC news?

For most users, the difference between the Snapdragon 821 and the 835 will be almost invisible. Of course, this can vary from one manufacturer to the other.

LG has already pointed out, and for him, it would not make difference: he can win points with a new design, new features such as a (Google?) Assistant and other developments yet. LG has every chance, even abandoning the Snapdragon 835.

HTC, Sony and other manufacturers with regard to the MWC plans are already known, at least in outline.

Sony could take the MWC to introduce a new high-end smartphone, but in the past he has never known really move the market. In addition to a mid-range device it could also present a successor to Xperia XZ, but in this case it should place a Snapdragon 835. Question: Sony should present two flagships this year?

Opinion by Hans-Georg Kluge

Sony should present two flagships this year?

What do you think?

Nokia is also back but he needs a little more to give credit in the eyes of the users. A material of last year is far from sufficient.

What about HTC, U Ultra would not be the best camera of the year 2017, a second smartphone should offer better performance and new features. The Snapdragon 835 here seems to be the only solution.

Huawei could well take the opportunity: the P10 will show my nose at MWC and it may well be that its processor is the template of the Snapdragon 835. Not surprisingly, the P10 should be very expensive, the price will probably be close Mate 9, even it will be higher.

Manufacturers who have opted for a Snapdragon 821 face another problem: the fixing of the price. How to justify the price of these devices if it is close to that of the smartphone to the 835 Snapdragon? It is 700 or 800 euros, we will see in the spring 2017 many devices with a processor of 2016,

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