Samsung has an appointment with success?

more and more eyes are riveted on Samsung and its future Galaxy S8. Every day, we get new information thanks to rumors that appear on the Internet, but it will take a while before it was officially introduced. Will there be then really curved borders or, on the contrary, it will be flat? Coming out in March or April? In all cases, Samsung has no right to make mistakes.

the smartphone is still mysterious

this future flagship is the subject of many rumors and it must be acknowledged that, since the Note7 scandal, they only increase. Until recently, we thought Samsung was change of strategy by offering more only one model: Hello, farewell the flat screen the curved borders. However, others strongly defend the classic strategy of Samsung: a model with flat screen and its equivalent with curved borders and larger, with the name of ‘More’.

Besides, this rumor was echoed by SamMobile , one of the devices, the SM-G950, would be the flat S8 while the second, the SM-G955, would be the model with curved borders (ie the version ‘More’, to use the words of the rumors). The latter would use a larger screen, around 6 inches. Of course these rumors are not confirmed, perhaps it’s simply prototypes that are currently in the testing phase.

AndroidPIT Samsung galaxy s7 REVIEW 1
borders curved or not? © AndroidPIT

the device will probably be released in April

that said, Samsung is confident. As indicated AND News , the South Korean manufacturer plans no less of 10 million devices for the launch. Hope that this time all devices will be sold and not recycled… Apparently we must still wait a moment as internal company sources refer to a presentation early April. Some notes from another source, it would be rather on April 18. Of course, Samsung confirmed nothing but it seems more certain will prepare us anything for the MWC. The more cynical say Samsung will use all this extra time to ensure the quality of its product, and we hope of course that no problem will occur.

Samsung doesn’t have the right to the error

the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge were a great success and it must be acknowledged that it is deserved, these high-end devices have a nice design and a nice finish, at the level of performance they are really very good and, in General, these two smartphones are coming to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The Note7 was a real fiasco due to problems of explosion that not only have not been managed, but in more recurred a few days later with a new model. It is precisely for this reason that Samsung has hit very hard with this S8: to compensate the losses (or shortfalls?) and interest as possible users. 

Disappoint damage further its reputation and its portfolio. Otherwise said, the Galaxy S8 will meet a great success just because Samsung has no choice. Of course, the price may still disappoint more than one because it is unlikely that the manufacturer will reduce tariffs to attract users…

The S8 Galaxy can only be a good camera

by Benoit Pepicq

what do you think?

Do you think Samsung will offer its a little cheaper camera to attract the customers?

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