Samsung Galaxy S8: the 10 most realistic rumors

the S8 Galaxy could be present in the coming weeks. Very big put Samsung with its new smartphone. Korean must catch up the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 and account past 60 million Galaxy S8, a goal rarely achieved by the firm. Obviously, more we approach the announcement, more rumors intensify, with more or less possible things. So we made the point by giving you 10 the most realistic rumours about the Galaxy S8.

galaxy s8 rumeurs realistes

two models: a Galaxy S8 and S8 more

as every year since the Galaxy S6, Samsung is expected to launch two different models. But this time, no flat version and a curved version. The two models would benefit from a curved screen, but not the same size. Thus, it would be entitled to a Galaxy S8 5.7 inches and a Galaxy S8 more than 6.2 inches .

galaxy s8 concept

more than 6 inches, it can be scary, but the Korean giant planned to significantly reduce the size/screen ratio to keep the format of the smartphone quite compact.

A stylus for the Galaxy S8

with its giant format, the Galaxy S8 more should establish itself as a new Galaxy Note. After the dismal failure of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung may equip its S8 more pen and interface adapted to catch the blow to both seduce fans of the range Galaxy S with the S8, and the Note range with the version more.

galaxy s8 stylet

so, Samsung labelled wide and frequents with a single product launch users that he conquers usually over two periods of the year. The challenge will be to keep a certain appeal for two products over time, because in September of competing products arrived.

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processor Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 according to the regions

the processor is always one of the components that may make a decision on a buyer. Some are stuck on this point even if finally is not really the most important today. Nevertheless, Samsung should incorporate what it do better on the market for propose a Galaxy S8 at the top of the power . And as usual, the Korean should deliver its smartphone star with two different processors according to the regions.

snapdragon 835 galaxy s8

so, Samsung should offer the version Exynos, its processor House, in Korea and the rest of the Asian countries. In the United States and Europe, this is the version Snapdragon 835, the top of Qualcomm for 2017 which should be distributed. First benchmarks of the two processors have already leaked, and they impress.

8 GB of RAM, it’s official!

Always this perspective to offer an incomparable performance, Samsung will join the Galaxy S8 8 GB of RAM . It’s even official. 8 GB of RAM, it is huge, but this will allow the Galaxy S8 to follow developments in virtual reality .

smartphone 8 go ram

asus launched its AR Zenfone for example at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, a smartphone with 8 GB of RAM and ready for virtual reality. And then we must also recognize that the manufacturers have always played to who would have the biggest… configuration.

A borderless screen

this will be the trend of this year . The borderless screens should invade the smartphone market. Xiaomi already gave an overview of what we can expect. The Xiaomi Mi Mix is the first smartphone with such a ratio size/screen but Samsung would not let a boulevard to its competitor.

galaxy s8 ecran borderless

, the Galaxy S8 and my version more integrate also a borderless screen . So Samsung would reduce the size of the upper and lower bands in front and s upprimerait physical button to leave more room on the screen. For the rest, the screen would plunge to the left and to the right as is already the case on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

With Force Touch

the Galaxy S8 screen would not only borderless, he fit also Force Touch technology launched by Apple with its iPhone 6s. Called 3D button on the iPhone, this technology allows to trigger certain actions depending on the pressure of the finger on the screen.

Force Touch: Android trolling against iOS until 2017

very criticized initially by critics of Apple, this technology has proved ultimately more useful over time. Samsung has probably developed features to take advantage of this technology at best.

Scanner built into the display

as we explained above, the Galaxy S8 will be the first of the Galaxy S line to see disappear the physical button on the front. The latter allowed not only to return to the Home menu, but was also used as a fingerprint. As it should disappear, Samsung has thought about a method to keep fingerprint.

The Korean giant would have therefore integrated a technology to stay this drive under the screen. Thus, simply the user to affix my finger across the screen, the place dedicated to unlock the smartphone or to pay thanks to the prints.

galaxy s8 lecteur empreintes

it is unclear what technology would have chosen Samsung but it could be they that of Qualcomm called Sense ID . This technology allows to place fingerprint almost anywhere in a smartphone and recognizes the fingerprints through the metal, plastic or glass.

Camera before with autofocus

for several years now, manufacturers improve every year their photo sensors. But these are the main, located on the back of the smartphone sensors that are greatly improved. Today, the double sensors are very trends and new opportunities.

But today, in terms of uses, what do we see? That users tend to multiply selfies than sumptuous landscape pictures. Samsung’s consciousness and fit so one new front sensor of 8 megapixels with LED flash.

galaxy s8 capteur photo

it might even be possible that a double sensor is integrated. The goal would be a powerful autofocus be part to take high-quality selfies, close to what you can have with the rear sensor.

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speaker Harman Kardon stereo

on the side of the sound, the Galaxy S has always been pretty good, but other models have done much better. Last year for example HTC 10 was significantly above the Galaxy S7 in the field of audio quality. But since then, Samsung Electronics has acquired a giant audio, Harman.

galaxy s8 haut parleur

this company owns brands such as Harman Kardon, Infinity or AKG. Thus, the S8 Galaxy would be the first smartphone to take advantage of this still $ 8 billion buyout. Thus, the Galaxy S8 would be equipped signed stereo speaker Harman Kardon . The same brand wireless headphones could compete with Apple’s the Airpod.

Samsung Desktop Experience: when the Galaxy S8 becomes PC

it is one of the latest rumors in circulation. Samsung will launch a service comparable to Continuum. Called “Desktop Experience”, this new would transform the Galaxy S8 in PC . Specifically, it is sufficient to connect the S8 Galaxy to a screen to make a small PC Android, able to take over a keyboard and a mouse.

Samsung would have obviously created a clean interface to this use, Android being little intuitive to use for PC. Thus, we could expect something that looks more like Remix OS we had tested a few months ago now. In all cases, this novelty is highly expected.

samsung desktop experience

here’s to 10 the most realistic rumours about the Galaxy S8. Others have well of course run for weeks, but eventually be denied by others, or are simply impossible to implement.

Thanks to these 10 rumors, you already have a more precise idea of what you can expect. We can’t wait so the official announcement of the S8 Galaxy which will come soon. According to a latest rumor, Samsung should take a presentation conference February 26 , the eve of the MWC in Barcelona.

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