Rental of smartphones: how it works and what is really interesting?

In the face of the relentless increase in the price of smartphones, a new mode of consumption tends to become more democratic: the rental of smartphones. On paper, this allows to have fun without digging a hole in my cash. Icing on the cake, we can regularly to equip the best products of the market. But is this really interesting? We studied the question. Here are all of our answers.

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Nobody will contradict us if we say that the price of smartphones increased considerably in recent years. Certainly the offer is greater, which brings down the average price of a smartphone (including Chinese models), but for models the more high-end, prices have exploded. In parallel, according to UFC that to choose, , only 11 percent of consumers are willing to pay their smartphone over 600 euros.

Thus, for some time now, a new way of consumption was born. Initiated by Free Mobile and followed by others then, rental of smartphone has the wind in its sails. It offers many benefits including financial, but not only. On the other hand, the rental of smartphones involves some constraints to be well-prepared. We studied all for you. It’s nice not?

Significant benefits

if done more talking about her smartphones rental it is simply because it offers many benefits to users. First financial since this avoids to spend several hundred euros in one fell swoop, but not only. Some offers include insurance, a replacement for a new model, or even the ability to change, to renew its smartphone very regularly.

A few dozen euros a month

the first big advantage of renting of smartphones, it’s the cost . Today, a high-end model costs a small fortune. Increasingly, manufacturers offer smartphones including the price is close to a minimum wage. We’re long past the threshold for indecency.

The iPhone for example 7 is proposed at around 800 euros, as the high-end of Samsung or other. For example, HTC introduced a HTC U Ultra to 799 euros still. The offer to lease is required as a rather solution for users who regularly change Smartphone.

htc u ultra bleu

The HTC U Ultra costs 799 euros, anyway!

For 30 euros per month we can afford a smartphone last cry. Finally, not really “afford” as the smartphone is never really the user. He was instead loaned him. The big advantage is that it can be changed often enough.

Regular renewal

no doubt is the biggest advantage of rental: it offers a regular renewal of your smartphone. SFR for example it is possible to change the model after four months of rental only. A record knowing that, on average, according to the offers it takes 18 months before you can change.

18 months is the average of the renewal of the smartphone in France. The offers are so suited to this mode of consumption. Instead of buying and reselling a smartphone every 18 months, users have a clear offer and can renew their mobile after this period.

smartphones prix location

Some offer this renewal earlier, after only one year, which matches the pace of release of the different models. For those who like to have the latest therefore an excellent solution.

Included insurance

offers rental around 30 euros per month offer very interesting services simultaneously. For example, some rental companies offer insurance against theft or case-sensitive directly included, no extra cost.

Others offer an Exchange to nine where the smartphone would have had a problem and that it would be not repairable. All these services are completely included and require no extra charge. smartphone casse

Not all do, but some have really interesting offers to reassure the user. Because if the smartphone is not returned in good condition, some rental companies claim the outstanding. We will come back.

With these assurances and guarantees, rental has a real interest to the user who pays not only for its smartphone, but also for services that accompany it. And is no more expensive than a purchase, especially if the user renews its smartphone every years.

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but there is one “but”

presented in this way, smartphones rental seems to be the magic bullet. But if the offers are attractive, they are not without flaws. Some criteria may put off some. We made the rounds of the question.

Offers with commitment: the big catch

the main default of rental offers is that they are based on a model with commitment . When you opt for a rental offer, often it pays only a small sum upon subscription or even nothing at all. Then pour a certain monthly amount in order to use the smartphone.

But to make sure not getting scammed, rental companies offer only deals with engagement . Thus, the user agrees when subscribing to rent the smartphone for at least two years. Some offer formulas over three years.

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It is possible to change the model after 12 or 18 months according to landlords . SFR is the more flexible renewal since it offers the possibility of renewal at the end of 4 months.

But as soon as it renews its smartphone we recommit over two or three years according to the contracts. When the rental contract comes to an end, the user can either make the smartphone or pay the balance to buy the smartphone. This is what is called a rental with purchase option.

Bouygues Telecom would prepare a smartphones such as Free rental offer

return policy: attention to case-sensitive

it’s definitely point the most demanding smartphones rental . Some rental companies are very picky about the State of the smartphone when the contract comes to an end.

So, we got the classic procedure of removal of all content and accounts is disconnected. The smartphone must be rendered in a State of normal wear and tear (term used by rental companies) with all its accessories (charger and headphones). Normal wear and tear, it means impeccable condition.

Because some rental companies will not hesitate to charge an indemnity if the smartphone is too scratched or that there are signs of shock. At SFR and Free example the allowance can amount to a sum between 75 and 250 euros.

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All rental companies aren’t too picky and some are even really flexible. CIC Mobile Evolution for example requires nothing isn’t that the smartphone turns, regardless of its State. Specialists in the sector are also quite flexible on the issue.

Finally, if you want to keep your smartphone it is a decision that is made from the subscription of the contract. If you wish to have the choice better opt for the rental with purchase option rather than the long term rental contract. This last contract does not keep the smartphone.

Where to rent its smartphone?

As we explained above, there are basically two types of owners of smartphones. On one side there are operators like SFR or Free Mobile, and other specific services belonging either to large distributors is totally dedicated to the high-tech equipment rental.


today ‘, there are for the general public three large operators which offer the possibility to rent my smartphone. The pioneer is Free Mobile, which launched smartphones rental a few months after having pushed the market of Telecom with its first packages.

Initially, rental offers were pretty marginal, but themselves are gradually democratized. It must be said than an iPhone 7 or a Galaxy S7 to 750 euros, it makes you think. Free offers them at rates of turning rental around 25 euros per month for Free subscribers and 30 euros per month for non-subscribers (or after termination of a subscription).

About a first payment of 150 euros is required. Everything depends also on models but we took the example of a 7 128 GB iPhone (one of the most c)hers on the market).

In the face of the growing strength of the rental of smartphones, SFR decided to launch its own service . The operator at the red square has great strength, renewal. After 4 months of contract it is possible to opt for a new model if you go back on a commitment of 2 years. Rates are substantially the same as at Free Mobile and return conditions are too strict.

louer smartphone free

Finally, among operators, it’s CIC Mobile making the most flexible offer but also the most expensive if you don’t agree not on your plan. Thus, one easily reaches the thirty euros, but once again the great strength of this operator is the flexibility on the back. As a reminder, simply that the smartphone turns that the return would be accepted.

At specialists

in addition to operators, some distributors have embarked on the rental offer. The first is the FNAC who quickly took the crease . The distribution of cultural products giant launched its rental offers shortly after Free Mobile. FNAC do not put it in place for smartphones but also for computers and tablets.

FNAC offers very clearly are not among the most interesting. They are quite expensive and return conditions are strict enough even if it was not the worst. The most disturbing in the FNAC offer is the very long delay before you can renew my smartphone. Almost at the end of the contract you have to change the model.

Lokeo, the dedicated service of retailers Baker , is more interesting to rent my smartphone. It does not take into account mobile subscriptions and offers very clear. Rental here costs 30 euros per month for a model very high-end with quality guarantees (fast service, warranty breakage and theft, repair or Exchange to new under 8 days). The conditions for return are fairly flexible formulas.

lokeo location smartphone

Finally, Uzit is certainly one of the more interesting services . Like Lokeo and FNAC, it offers the rental of smartphones and other high-tech like computers or same TV. Cree last models are available and the rental prices are relatively attractive.

Count thirty euros with all the guarantees, a renewal at the end of 18 months and above all a quick exchange and all insurance included for a smartphone. We did the calculation for the most expensive products on the market, so Apple products (oh the nasty troll).

For example, a Macbook Pro Touch Bar of 15.4 inches (2800 euros purchase price) with a 7 128 GB (859 euros to the purchase) iPhone and an iPad Pro 9.7 inch 128 GB (799 euros) return to 176 euros a month at Uzit.

For more details on all of the above offers, you can visit the sites of the different services . We will very quickly a comparative table of the best offers on a selection of smartphones very high-end.

Conclusion: Yes, the lease is interesting but not for everyone

the democratisation of smartphones rental not sped up for nothing. The offer deserves to be studied in a sector where the new models come out at breakneck speed and at ever higher prices.

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Let it be said, the rental is not made for everyone. The intended audience is clearly that of the users who like to be at the forefront of technology and renew regularly their smartphone without breaking the Bank.

But beware, choose its offer to consider each contract and do not hesitate to ask each car rental company on the details of their offers. Beyond the tariff these are the conditions that will make the difference , and especially the conditions of return. You so well put things before decide you. So, have you ever rented a smartphone or are you planning to do?

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