Raspberry module 3 is PI compute the CM1 was published - with BCM2837 [Full Guide]

In April 2014 (compute module 1) output and a BCM2835 processor provided the basis for this. It was used in the first raspberry PI. Especially for IoT (Internet of things / Internet of things) and the compute arrived module 1 of the home automation very well. Now the compute is module 3 at the start.

compute module 3 with BCM2837

since the compute released modules 1, are two new generations of raspberry PI on the market. You are of course faster as benchmarks clearly prove. This is not surprising. The raspberry PI 3 currently naturally leads the PI list in terms of performance. The CPU speed is ten times greater compared to the original PI. Since the publication of the raspberry, PI 3 is the compute module 3 in the conversation. NEC has already announced to offer a slot for CM1 and CM3 in the screens.

NEC-Bildschirm mit Steckplatz für Compute Module 3 (Quelle: raspberrypi.org)

NEC screen with slot for compute modules 3 (source: raspberrypi.org)

with this combination can be all sorts of things. An integrated multimedia system with kodi / LibreELEC I think there spontaneously. In a display for promotional purposes and so on. The compute modules is of course favorable and the compute Modeule 3 brings a processor BCM2837 with it.

there are even two versions of CM3

up to 1.2 GHz speed and a GByte RAM offers the component BCM2837. This is identical to the raspberry PI 3. 4 GB eMMC Flash are also included. This is the a version and the standard version of CM3.

the second version call the developer CM3L or compute modules 3 Lite. It’s also a BCM2837 and a GByte RAM with it. The hardware is actually identical to the CM3, but the eMMC Flash is not installed. The SD/eMMC interface pins are free and users can add space themselves. This is something for the advanced hobbyist.

CM3 links und Compute Module 3 Lite rechts (Quelle: raspberrypi.org)

CM3 left and compute modules 3 Lite right (source: raspberrypi.org)

you can find more information about the compute module 3 in the hardware documentation on the project page. There is a data sheet and wiring diagrams .

no scrap iron

with the publication of CM3

CM1 and CM3L not obsolete is the compute module 1. It is cheaper and still suitable for various projects. Possibly, you need not the computing power of a CM3 and prefer lower power consumption.

as prices give the developers $ 30 for the CM3 and $ 25 fpr the CM3L’s. The CM1 is also on $ 25 reduced.

still the CM3 is largely compatible with the CM1, and the developers have kept to the design guidelines . However, the new module is a millimeter higher. The power hunger is also greater and the processor is much hotter under load. Developer in mind should keep watching the temperature.

is currently the compute modules 3 at element14 and RS components .

Nice PI-constellation

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