Poll: what is your favorite Android interface?

the user interface, sometimes simply called UI, is different depending on the manufacturer. For example, the smartphones from Samsung, use TouchWiz interface where icons and menu design is much different from the present on HTC devices that use Sense interface. Let us know which of these interfaces is your favorite!

which Android interface is the best according to you? To be honest, it is not necessarily one that uses your current smartphone but one that suits your needs and that you find the prettiest. We present below three of the most popular interfaces on Android, but you can then choose from a bigger list which you consider to be the best.

Samsung’s TouchWiz

Samsung has come a long way in recent years. 2 years ago, the interface was terribly wrong assorted in a wrapper so changed that it gave the impression to have a device with limited potential.

Fortunately, things have changed, and even if the interface is not always to the taste of some, it has the merit to have gained in clarity and maturity. Below is a picture of TouchWiz on the S7 Galaxy, running with Android Nougat.

androidpit FR nougat s7 edge 1
here’s TouchWiz Android Nougat. © AndroidPIT

EMUI Huawei/Honor 5.0

EMUI is the interface installed on the smartphones of Huawei and Honor. In its latest version, EMUI 5 (based on Android Nougat) departs somewhat what Huawei had accustomed us by offering us something more sober, a little more faithful to the traditional Android. 

EMUI regulars will see a difference, and the stock Android purists will welcome no doubt the efforts of the Chinese manufacturer. You can preview with the screenshot below, it comes to EMUI 5.0 on Huawei P9.

emui 5 huawei p9
EMUI has made big strides. © ANDROIDPIT

Stock Android

Android Stock is the interface of the purists of Android. Originally the interface of the Nexus and some other manufacturers, the reference today is of course Google Pixel. We will not enter the question “is it pure or pure Google Android?” because it is without end, but what is certain is that more your device will use a close version of Stock, you will receive (in theory) updates quickly. 

Below are screenshots made with the Google Pixel XL on the latest version of Android Stock.

google pixel xl ui
here is the interface of the Google Pixel. © ANDROIDPIT

we have not shown in three, but there are many other interfaces, you will find lots of information about each of them in our testing of phones. Now, it’s on tell you to us which interface you prefer. Be it on your current smartphone or present on the smartphone of your dreams, you can choose it in the poll below and of course to justify your choice in the comments.

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