Plague Inc.: why makes this immoral game addicted?

Play Store is full of games of all kinds. The racing car to the FPS, Candy crush in the management of cities, there are really for everyone. Generally, we usually give you lists of games with a short test, but today I’d like to change our habits a bit by presenting a rather immoral game: Plague Inc.. How did such a game become so popular?

the immorality in the center of the game

are you kind to stay on the trails of beaten or would you prefer to stand out? The company that created the game, Plague Inc., Ndemic Creations, is clearly part of this second type. This is many years already, she has managed to create a successful game whose theme is totally immoral: there is nothing more nor less than destroy humanity (in agony, of course). To do this, you need create a disease and develop all over the planet, until the last human on Earth makes the soul.

No matter the nationality of your victims, regardless of their political opinions, regardless of their religion, there is only one goal: eradicate humanity. Early on, you have at your disposal only a bacterium but after winning several parts you can access other types of diseases crescendo: virus, fungus (mushrooms), parasites, prions (pathogen in the brain), nano-virus (artificial virus)…

will Google destroy the world? © ANDROIDPIT

apart from menus, almost all of the game’s interface is a map of the world. Early on, you choose where you want to launch your epidemic (China and the India being the most populated areas of the planet, it may be wise to start with them). Depending on the disease, you must then decide on the pandemic and symptoms to adopt in order to win the game. Attention however, each disease has its own characteristics. The virus, for example, is unstable and new symptoms may appear alone, which attracts the attention of health officials and will result in a cure. If the medicine happens to be developed, your illness will be eradicated and you’ll lose.

The involvement of the user

as you can see below, not only the goal of the game is immoral but besides the game itself asks you to make strategic decisions (decision of the symptoms etc) to get) your purposes. In itself, this is interesting enough to attract many of psychopaths fans of the genre, but the game plays another card that contributes to its success.

When I wrote an article on Pokémon GO, I had said that manufacturers can meet success only reaching the user in a personal way. No need of revolutionary technology (although this is always a plus), it’s just finding something to involve the user emotionally. Many methods are possible and those that chose Ndemic Creations is humor: throughout the game you will receive messages that will make you smile. Of course, after having played it for a long time you get used to it and didn’t really will attention, but is the first hours of use that matters since it is they who will make you want to come back (or not).

has you to manage your disease. © ANDROIDPIT

first of all, you can choose the name of your disease. For example, you can give the name of a candidate for the Presidency that you can’t stand, or even the name of someone you love. Give him the name of Google for example, so you can see in the part of messages such as “Google has infected its first patient”. In the top bar at the top, representing the news of humans in your part, you can also find some pearls.

The most sadistic of us (including myself) will certainly find fun the concept to eradicate humanity, to inflict severe symptoms to the population based on the needs of the disease (insomnia, paranoia and other diseases to limit the search for the cure, coughing and sneezing to increase the contagion, tumors and bleeding to increase the mortality, etc.). Horrible, isn’t?

Immorality have the future on Android?

The multitude of games on the Store creates a huge competition between developers of video games. While some are content to copy those who succeed (for example all the clones Candy crush), others are making efforts to stand out. Exploited the nostalgia of a generation, more humor, others still prefer to rely on technology by offering the best possible (for example, emphasis on the graphics connected), but usually the key to success is the combination of several of these factors.

Plague is certainly immoral but also very fun

what do you think?

It will be interesting to see what we find with the advent of the VR. For the moment, we find that few games on Daydream (Incidentally, little helmets and little Smartphone are compatible currently), but we’ll probably find enough immoral games in the future. The kind of games that are off-limits to minors of any age (which prevents them not to install them anyway). Whatever the game platform, many of them are already quite immoral (you remember Carmageddon where you could crush all pedestrians?) and even gory (the regulars know probably unnless ). In other words, the VR will bring us the best and the worst, it is precisely the “horrible” nature, “disgusting” and/or “unworthy” of those games that guarantee their success.

Do you think that these games are a threat to our society, as some after the tragedy of Columbine have claimed?

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