OxygenOS 4.0.2 fix some problems, but not all

after releasing OxygenOS two weeks ago, OnePlus 4.0 fixes all the problems of this version with minor updates. Those who had network problems after going to Nougat will be delighted to learn that the 4.0.2 version is being deployed and to correct some.

yesterday, OnePlus began the deployment of OxygenOS 4.0.2. This update can correct problems that concern the APN settings of some manufacturers, like Orange in France. A bug on the proximity sensor has also been fixed, as well as a problem that prevented to download on the Store.

Finally, the classic ‘The improved system stability’ is also mentioned on the change log. However, this update does not seem to have corrected any problems.

OnePlus acknowledged a Wi – Fi connection problem and ask users who experience this problem to inform them on the forum OnePlus 3 or Oneplus 3 T .

a major update deployed too quickly?

OnePlus had made the promise out Android Nougat for the start of the year 2017 at the latest. If the Chinese company has well kept promise , it seems despite the stability of the update. Since then, OnePlus fixes it by publishing corrective updates.

, , OxygenOS 4.0 final version which you can read our tour , was in fact the beta 10 of this update, a version that was not yet free of problems. However, we can greet the responsiveness of OnePlus who communicates with my community to identify any problems and deploys in a record time of adequate patches.

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if no other problem emerges with this version, it may well be that the 4.0.3 version is the stable version, and final, OxygenOS 4.0. Let’s just hope that next time than OnePlus will make a major update, the company will promote stability rather than the speed of deployment.

in my usual, OnePlus broadcasts this update of incrementally and only a handful of devices can take advantage of all OnePlus 3 and 3 T in service. As, a circle more and more devices will benefit.


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