OxygenOS 4.0: check out the latest update Nougat with OnePlus 3 & 3 T

with a very reassuring punctuality, OnePlus offers the fourth version of OxygenOS based on the seventh major version of Android. Let’s review what has brought (and removed) OxygenOS 4.0.


as previously announced, the final version of OxygenOS 4.0 became a reality, available with a simple OTA update. For the most impatient wishing to enjoy it without further delay, just follow these a few steps to enjoy more quickly.

for others, he will probably wait a few days yet. But that patience would be rewarded by an even more polished than the currently available version 4.0 of OxygenOS version.

we will now review the new features in the update. Remember, OxygenOS is based on Android and its version 4.0 is based on Nougat 7.0. This means that a large majority of the new arrivals are made by Nougat, OxygenOS simply add slight modifications.


in its note of update, OnePlus indicates that the system was updated to Android 7.0 Nougat, the aesthetics of the notifications has been changed as well as the quick settings. Finally, the windows of Android Nougat is included in the update.

there are also a few more subtle changes. We speak here of additions and withdrawals, OnePlus withdrew some features.

notifications drawer


OOS left 3.2, 4.0 on the right

as indicated in the changelog , design of notifications changes. On the left, we see the old aesthetics of the drawer of the notifications. On OxygenOS 4.0, tray notifications provides access to quick to save settings in speed. In addition, the icons on Marshmallow are less visible as Nougat.

to summarize, the notifications tray is so both more practical and more readable on Nougat than on its predecessor.

the Launcher

launcher knows some changes, some more subtle than others. Should not expect a drastic change, OnePlus wished to refine its interface rather than start from scratch.



OOS left 3.2, 4.0 on the right

Shelf for example, OxygenOS hub, has not really changed. As you can see, OxygenOS 3.2 doesn’t have much to envy to the latest version. A new map has been added, giving a quick overview of the status of the phone, but there is nothing really innovative.


Screenshots of OxygenOS 3.2

curiously, OOS 4.0 does not allow to add Google search directly from the Shelf menu bar. In addition, the size of the grid of the app drawer is more adjustable from this menu.

multitasking and multi window


OOS left 3.2, 4.0 on the right

multitasking was refined to be as simple as possible. Multitasking no longer offers three buttons, but a single, leaving all the running applications. On this point, OnePlus sacrificed the practical side of the multitasking precedent for having a more stripped-down aesthetic.


thanks to Nougat, the OnePlus 3 (and 3 T) supports the multi-windowing. OnePlus 3 users and 3T will finally be able to put to work the 6 GB of RAM embedded in their unit.

gestures and color system


regarding the gestures, there were only a single addition on the part of OnePlus. With OxygenOS 4.0, it is possible to take a screen shot by sliding three fingers on it. Snapchat enthusiasts the simplicity of the procedure.


OnePlus also allows its users to customize my device a little more. It is always possible to choose a theme, but increasingly we are given the opportunity to choose an accent color that will affect the colors of the system icons and switches/switches. However, this function is removed if one chooses the theme ‘Default’ oneplus.

Un exemple des icônes qui prennent la couleur d'accentuation choisie.

an example of icons that take the chosen accent color. Up Nougat, down Marshmallow.


OxygenOS 4.0 is also an opportunity for OnePlus update its applications and add news. Most of the applications were already very well their office on Marshmallow, mustn’t expect drastic changes.

to begin with, OnePlus changed the icons of its applications. If you don’t like the new icons, you can still install your icons favorite thanks to the customization of the menu launcher .


the only app that changes significantly is the file Explorer. In addition to providing a new, clearer and more ergonomic organization, OnePlus has integrated a system that allows you to quickly and easily share my files thanks to the Wi – Fi Direct. We still wonder why OnePlus felt compelled to clarify that the service is free.


Thus, OnePlus added several applications like weather system, recorder, which is a dictaphone, a SMS application and another more original application, Comunity, to be always in contact with the OnePlus community. Apart from SMS, all mentioned applications can be uninstalled, which is very convenient when you want to avoid duplicates.

nougat also brings Duo as application OxygenOS 4.0 system. However, this application can not be deleted. In all probability, Duo replaces Hangouts , the former Google communications application.


in conclusion, we can say that OnePlus took the update to Android 7.0 Nougat to provide its users with better options of customization and new system applications. The most important highlights are rather due to Nougat, as the multi-windowing, fast application switching or improved notifications.

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those who have not yet installed so can go there with your eyes closed. OxygenOS 4.0 is more ergonomic and more coherent visually speaking than previous versions, and brings enough new features to justify the action.


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