Overview of LineageOS: the succession is assured

now that LineageOS is out for download, it is time to consider in depth what offers this classic alternative to Android. For this, we used the Huawei nexus 6 p. To quickly summarize, LineageOS is promising, but the way to go to become interesting for a common user.


after the death of CyanogenOS followed by its open CyanogenMod , alternative versions of Android world took a hit. But LineageOS, the successor of CyanogenMod , will take over. Now that the first version of this operating system is available for download, it’s time to see what it offers.

for this takeover, we installed LineageOS on a Huawei Nexus 6 p . To find out whether your device is compatible, we invite you to see the list of compatible devices . And to find out how to install it, we have prepared a guide .

the launcher

launcher Lineage offers some customization tools that should be sufficient for the majority of users. However, those who like to customize every aspect of their device will not find their happiness. For them, we have a best selection launchers .

drawer of applications

appearance and navigation

LineageOS gives us the choice on the disposition of the applications drawer. Indeed, two styles of drawers are offered, as can be seen above. By default, LineageOS is set to “SECTIONS”, in which we sail scrolling from the bottom up.

it is also possible to choose if you want a pretty dark transparent background, or a totally white background.

icons and grid

as we can see from the screenshots, LineageOS allows to enlarge its icons. The difference is not huge, probably to fit the size of the grid, but those who have difficulties to identify the icons will appreciate the gesture.

, LineageOS gives us the choice for the size of this grid. There are 3 pre-recorded sizes (5 × 5, 6 × 6 and 7 × 7), but it is quite possible to set the grid at its convenience. LineageOS offers the possibility to go to a grid of 3 × 3 to 8 × 8 grid.

all the parameters offered by the application launcher


LineageOS brings with it new parameters that do not exist in Android 7.1.1 Nougat. These settings provide functions that simplify the life of the user or to protect my privacy.

the settings menu itself is not very different from that on Android 7.1.1 Classic. On the other hand, it offers a little more options, we will study without delay.

applications launched at startup

this is a setting that can intrigue when one comes from a manufacturer Android version. In the part of ‘Memory’ of the parameters, a tab called “Applications launched at startup. Once on, it displays a list of all applications on the device. After selecting an application, a list of switches allows to choose the behavior of an application at startup like to use.

this granular control of the behavior of the applications will probably delight the most demanding users about the operation of their product. For the rest of the users, we imagine that this type of parameter is not their priority.

Expanded desktop

Expanded desktop , which would result in office extended, is a pretty nice option, which allows you to enjoy the space offered by its screen. Indeed, the more attentive may have noticed that the screenshots are stripped of the task as well as the navigation bar bar. This is not the fact of a touch-up of these catches, but well the work of Expanded Desktop.

this option allows to choose if you want to hide the task bar, navigation bar, or both. It is possible to make them reappear momentarily with a swipe at the ends of the screen. To activate it, simply go to the display settings.


Night Shift , Night Mode , f.lux … Software who save our eyes the vicious blue light of our screens are more in vogue than ever. And LineageOS offers its own solution, called LiveDisplay.

this setting emphasizes the setting by the user, once more. Feel free to choose what temperature you want, whether you want to activate it manually… In addition, LineageOS lets the user adjust the percentage of the screen. Again, it just to go to the display settings.

buttons and layout

a new submenu, Buttons, appeared with LineageOS. It offers several tools to better manage my phone, but what she offers more interesting is undoubtedly ‘buttons and available ‘.

in this menu, you can customize your navigation bar. You want to shift the back button to the right to make it more accessible to your thumb? No worries. You want to add a button to play/pause music or video? You have the opportunity. It is not possible to do everything with this menu, but pretty much any button on a keyboard or a gamepad can be emulated.

status bar

at LineageOS, a string of parameters allows to have a status bar calibrated exactly as desired. This tab, called “Status bar”, proposes to choose, among other things, what icons are displayed on the status bar, the side that gives quick access to the quick settings or to the position of the hour.


LineageOS gives total control to the user with regard to notifications. Every aspect of the notifications can be set accurately. The SMS do not have the same significance as a WhatsApp message? You want to find your notifications of emails at the top of the list? Or to the contrary, silent all notifications an application that sounds you all day for an event any?

all this is possible and more. LineageOS even offers the possibility to choose the color of the LEDs depending on the application, but also the duration during which the light is on and blinking speed. What recognition of a single glance from the last notification received.

system profiles

If you like automation, LineageOS will make you happy with its system of system profiles. To explain quickly, it is possible to define a profile system that will change the settings of your terminal.

Thus, it is possible to choose triggers, Wi – Fi, Bluetooth or NFC, who will start a system profile. As you can see, it is possible to change to the parameters such as connections, the different volume settings or system settings. This option is very comprehensive and should facilitate the daily life of the users of LineageOS.


LineageOS has just made its appearance, but is quite stable and complete to satisfy the needs of every day life. LineageOS also took the opportunity to bring a lot of new features that should find an audience. And as it is based on the latest version of the operating system from Google, Android 7.1.1 Nougat, it embeds all the features that the latter has.

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in the end, LineageOS is promising and this first version is encouraging for the rest of the events. However, during our grip, we came across two little bugs that should be fixed quickly knowing that he is still version nightly .

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