Opinion: why the Galaxy S8 competitors are already defeated in advance

the Galaxy S8 will be announced at the end of March only, but it is already ready to spray everything in its path. I must say that Samsung who hopes to sell 60 million this year has put everything on its side to achieve its objectives. Each year, the new Galaxy S is a success but this eighth edition could allow Korean to reach a new record.

Galaxy S8 concurrents

Snapdagon 835 “exclusive”

to after Forbes and The Verge, Samsung who produces the last Snapdragon 835 should reserve all first stocks . The S8 Galaxy would therefore be the first smartphone in the world to enjoy, at the expense of competition. No smartphone under Snapdragon 835 should be presented at MWC and none would leave in trade before the S8.

Some manufacturers will wait for April, others like LG back on the Snapdragon 821 released a few months ago but in all cases, with the exception of Huawei, which deftly pulls out of the game, insofar as it is not dependent on Qualcomm, all will pass after Samsung and its S8. I must say that in taking first stock of the 835 Snapdragon, Samsung leaves them only two alternatives, which are not necessarily the best.

In practice, most high-end competitors will arrive a little later than usual while the S8 will have already managed to find my place.

Design borderless and artificial intelligence

all the high-end expected in 2017 will be, strictly speaking, monsters, the S8 as its competitors of which some will be maybe cheaper. We think the next OnePlus or some future Chinese smartphones as the Mi6 Xiaomi. From there on, Samsung doesn’t have a plethora of choice if he wants to continue to lead the dance, it must differ.

With the Galaxy S8, this differentiation should take place at two levels: the design and features. In terms of design, we already know what to expect, a curved screen and almost borderless who will sign the end of the Home button. Samsung takes a risk removing the element common to all of its smartphones, but the result should be worth a visit.

In terms of features, we already know that the new intelligent assistant Bixby will be very strongly highlighted. It would be also integrated into all native applications on the phone. Samsung obviously wants to reinvent the Android experience on its smartphones as Apple did for iOS when it launched Siri on iPhone 4s in 2011. Was call to Viv Labs that it bought last year, Samsung is once again the odds on my side.

Competitors who do more weight in the face of Samsung

beware, don’t get me wrong, all the manufacturers who find themselves competing with Samsung are able to offer excellent smartphones and should also offer excellent smartphones this year. LG G6 overview on a first rendering design seems to be a real success, the new range of Sony already puts us water to the mouth, and the replacement of the 10 HTC will be probably great as was its predecessor.

Unfortunately for them, on the side of Android, the media landscape is still occupied by a single manufacturer Samsung which, in terms of advertising, done every year without fault. With the release of the S8, we can already imagine that the Korean manufacturer has prepared a marketing strategy unmatched, in addition to the rain and the weather in reserving the first Snapdragon 835 stocks.

Versions of the S8 are expected at the price of 799 and 899 euros . Prices that are still high but Samsung shouldn’t have any trouble selling them like hotcakes while some competitors offered at the same price will sell only in dribs and drabs. A trend that is not necessarily new, but still is expected to increase this year.

When Chinese manufacturers, even though they still represent a threat to Samsung, their strike force finally rather limited. Apart from Huawei that is present worldwide, most as Xiaomi market smartphones only in China, one market where Samsung will perhaps struggle to fight in 2017, especially after the bad publicity caused by the case of Note 7.

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