Nougat is available on the bike Z, what's new?

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the motorcycle Z, the last flagship of Lenovo, has just received the update Android 7.0 Nougat, what are new features in this update? Do the tour of the new features introduced by Nougat.


thanks to its interface based on Android Vanilla , the Lenovo bike Z very quickly gets major updates of Android. So the bike Z comes to receive my first big update that allows him to be one of the first smartphones to take advantage of the latest version of Android. In addition to the latest updates in terms of security and overall usability of the system, Nougat improves the overall performance and brings new features to the Lenovo motorcycle Z.

new in Android Nougat

the overall performance of the system are improved with Android 7.0 Nougat, applications in the background using less RAM. Doze, the feature that allows Android to deep sleep has also been improved with Android 7.0 Nougat since it handles better movement of the phone to reduce consumption when not in use, while allowing it to continue to receive important notifications when you need it. In news related to performance, browsers built into applications, such as Facebook for example, now dependent on Chrome instead of Webview, which allows to significantly improve their performance.


several settings have been completely reworked to allow for more intuitive use of the system. For example, the quick settings menu has been completely revamped since the first five constantly appear above the notifications when you press on the top of your screen. This allows you to quickly shut off the wifi and turn a hand Torch light. Android also natively offers the possibility to change the locations of the different shortcuts to customize them according to your tastes. In addition, developers can now add their own icons in the quick shortcuts, Spotify for example offers a shortcut to go offline with this feature.


a great novelty overdue on Android was the windows in order to use both applications simultaneously by separating the screen Smartphone or tablet in half. This feature is very valuable to watch a video or a movie, while reviewing my emails for example. She is now natively integrated into Android, this allows it to be generally more reactive than the Viewports patterns introduced by some custom interfaces.

in addition to the Viewports, Android Nougat on bike Z introduced the well-known shortcut for PC users: the Alt – Tab. If you are not a follower of this shortcut, it allows you to quickly re-enter the application before you use button twice the “recent”.

one of the best features of Android Nougat is undoubtedly the new notification system. Completely redesigned, it allows to group notifications from the same applications, and especially to be able to respond to messages directly from the pane of the notifications. New notifications have a new design that allows to have a unified they look.


settings have also revamped a cure of youth, since in addition to introducing a new sidebar that allows easier to find the search parameters, each category is now accompanied by a short text presenting at the first glance, a main on a parameter information. For example, the battery will display the current percentage, when the display will remind us that it is set to automatic. Also asked for a long time by some users, Android Nougat allows you to change, in addition to the size of the font directly IPR in order to have a more or less broad look on the entire system.

with recent Android security issues , Nougat helps strengthen the security of its smartphone asking the pin of it before the system boot to allow protection of your data, if you have enabled encryption on your device. In addition, the system no longer allows the randomwares (malware that takes hostage of personal data) to install locking screens and you directly reports the origin of malicious applications.


in addition to all of the additions of Android Nougat, Lenovo announced that bike Z is compatible with Google’s virtual reality system: Daydream . It’s the first smartphone that is made officially compatible with this new service. To benefit, you must use the only compatible headset for now: the Daydream View , which is not yet available in France at the time of writing this article. However, official compatibility with Daydream allows the Lenovo bike Z to enjoy a perfect experience to enjoy the RV on Android, with a Cardboard or another headphone virtual reality for smartphone.


there are very many applications VR does not necessarily require the Daydream View. For example, YouTube offers a variant of its application which puts forward very many videos shot in 360 degrees. Other video-on-demand platforms are also compatible with Daydream, like Netflix or even Google Play movies.

with Android Nougat and certification Daydream, bike Z is the perfect alternative to Google Pixels.

Daydream also offers a cultural library quite impressive to turn the RV into a tool of learning and discovery. Many applications offer to discover spectacular places, from my couch. Thus, there are Google Street View, which allows you to visit virtually the entire cities in the database Google map and even underwater routes such as the great barrier reef. Google Arts & Culture offers, discover works of arts in virtual museums.


we can’t talk of Daydream without talking about the videogame productions dedicated to the new ecosystem of virtual reality of Google. Indeed, dozens of games are starting to emerge on the platform, it is much more accessible than the virtual reality on PC or console for developers as for the public. There are games that have been adapted to deliver compatibility VR as Need for Speed or even Action Bowling .

but the most interesting creations are those which have been specially created to fully exploit the capabilities of Daydream. We find in this category fantastic animals, adapted from the J.K. Rowling universe, which allows you to discover the creatures of the virtual reality movie. In the hottest games, we can quote Wonderglade , a series of mini-game taking place in an amusement park that really showcases the gameplay possibilities offered by Daydream.

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