Nintendo Switch: price, release date and data sheet

the Switch Nintendo is now official. January 13 at 5: 00 a.m. French time, Nintendo unveiled its newest console with many details. Among them, the price, the date of release, a few technical data and other information, including the list of games.

nintendo switch

best price:

a data sheet still full of mysteries

the data sheet is without a doubt the element that remains the most elusive after this presentation of Nintendo. So all that is known is that the hybrid console, once out of its base, displays a 6.2 inches with a definition HD capacitive multi touch screen is 1280 x 720 pixels. For a game on the big screen in the living room console, the definition is Full HD 1080 p.

Under the hood there is little information if that storage capacity is 32 GB with a part dedicated to the system. Nintendo has even incorporated a microSD port, so we can increase capacity through a card adapters.

Nintendo Switch

on the side of connectivity, the console is compatible Wifi 802.11ac and will play local wireless up to 8 players. The console has a USB – C connector for charging the Tablet as well as two USB ports. It is also possible to connect an Ethernet cable via a USB adapter.

The rest is a total blur. All we know is that the console incorporates a Nvidia Tegra processor, without further details. the RAM is also unknown.

A lot of games, but not immediately

a console is fine, but with games is even better. Nintendo has been transparent on the subject and announced that no less than 80 games are currently in development on the console. If big licenses will be release dates are still unclear.

nintendo switch prise main

we know dores and already as “Zelda Breath of the Wild” will be released along with the console, and it falls well since he is eagerly awaited. Another game planned for the exit, ‘1 2 Switch’ which is a multiplayer game in which we confront each other by proxy controllers. Mario will be back, but the new game Super Mario Odyssey will not happen until 2017 .

Other games from third-party publishers are also scheduled. We think for example of FIFA, Rayman Legends or even Skyrim which will be available on the Nintendo Switch but no date is announced yet.

Games Nintendo Switch: The complete list and there is heavy!

Autonomy in the average

the Switch being a handheld console, the autonomy of the machine also raised many questions. Here again, Nintendo has been transparent and has announced a autonomy between 2:30 and 6:30 . We’re in the middle of what already exists. The Nintendo 3DS for example has a range between 3 and 5 hours.

nintendo switch autonomie

everything in fact depends on the games that run. Nintendo explains, for example, that can be play Zelda 3 hours before the battery loose . The autonomy of 6 h 30 is expected to be less greedy games, certainly the NES and SNES games offered with the subscription to the online of the firm.

The game online free at the beginning

online service straight talk. Nintendo has never been an expert in the field, is nothing to say. But the Japanese are not daunted and want to catch up with rivals Sony and Microsoft with their respective consoles.

For example, Nintendo will offer a service of online game paying , like its competitors, monthly subscription. We can play so, chat with friends through a dedicated chat service and also enjoy all the Nintendo environment.

nintendo switch contenu boite

but before being paid, the service will be free. In fact, at the launch of the console, the online game will be totally free. But a few months later, in the fall, it will be paid. Note that NES and SNES games will be available to all subscribers.

Packs and accessories: get out the handkerchiefs

in a first time, the Nintendo Switch will be sold in two different packs . The first will integrate of sober black levers, while the second will integrate these same controllers but in blue and pink. And if you want to complete the collection, prepare handkerchiefs.

because it is the unpleasant surprise of the Nintendo Switch. Accessories are simply sold at prohibitive prices. A half of Joy-Con controller costs 40 euros, a joystick full 80 euros. the console is also sold without any play.

Nintendo charges ‘1 2 Switch’ at the normal rate while he deserved to be integrated directly into the pack. The prices of all the accessories, you can find section of our colleagues from Papergeek .

Pre-orders, price and release date

this morning, Nintendo announced the release date of my Switch. will be available from March 3, 2017 priced at 329.99 euros . Note that the console is golden and already available for cheapest preorder at several distributors.

precommande nintendo switch

that on the day of the launch, prices have continued to change. We recommend you to follow all this on the day by day since prices are subject to change. So tell us everything, what do you think of this Switch Nintendo?

Preorder Nintendo cheapest Switch to €319.99

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