Nintendo Switch: disappointment too for Nintendo?

The Switch Nintendo finally officially presented during today’s event at 5 in the morning. The opportunity to experience the Games announced, the capabilities of the console and the details surrounding it. Except that all those ads will have quieted more than one between a rickety autonomy and a list of scrawny launch… The disappointment too for Nintendo?

Nintendo Switch

players like curious waited this day forward: this morning, we finally discovered the Nintendo Switch in its final form. Far from a simple trailer, it’s an avalanche of information on the console and its games that finally happened.

However, the hype back little by little and players see their enthusiasm fall asleep when their critical mind wakes up. The announcement of the release of the Switch March 3 to € 329.99 in Europe in will have calmed down a lot at first.

Most importantly, the console output and usage details hide bad news, who will tend to remember a cursed console at Nintendo… Wonder what if the Switch would eventually not be disappointment too.

Nintendo Switch: the dream

Nintendo Switch en main

recall the concept of console: this is in many ways of a classic tablet with a screen 6.2 inches capacitive multitouch, processor custom Nvidia Tegra (whose abilities were not yet communicated) and two slots on the sides to insert the “Joy Con.

These “Joy Con” are a split joystick in two, like many mobile accessories, which can be used in couple (full throttle) or separately to play several directly on the tablet in 720 p.

But it is not limited to mobile use, because a dock connecting to your TV allows the console to take over all the power of its chip, an additional active cooling system allowing better performance and a display in 1080 p on your television.

When the first teaser for the console , we find the opportunity to play several even in mobility as well as brief previews of new games on the console (new Mario for example) as ports of timeless titles (Mario Kart 8).

The cold reality: a disappointing battery life

nintendo switch autonomie

today ‘ today, the majority of the questions accompanying the enthusiasm created this first trailer finally had their response. Starting with the autonomy of the console: Nintendo officially announces up to 6 h 30 of autonomy depending on the game, and gives as an example the last Zelda which lowers the life expectancy of the console about 3 hours.

Translate so: playing NES/SNES games on your Nintendo Switch, or efficient independent games in resources, it will take up to 6 hours. If you play hand Switch Games, count 2 hours in normal use.

We understand better why the console is above all presented as a home console. But be honest: to view titles running on it, it would have been miraculous to exceed these numbers.

The disappointment around the Nintendo Switch battery is therefore not so much linked material of it capabilities to a little too much enthusiasm of my fans watching the first trailer. The device is more designated to be used in the same way as the Wii U gamepad than a real portable console as the 3DS.

A déjà vu giving barely trust

Nintendo Wii U

the problem with the console is quite different. Following this announcement, it’s the impression of déjà vu let us that tends to make us skeptical: in many ways, its launch seems to resemble that of the Wii, which has sold only about 12.6 million units worldwide (numbers beginning 2016). A fiasco.

The first price: € 349.99 price recommended not taking into account the offers, it ranks well more expensive than the current proposals of competitors. The Slim PS4 and Xbox One are both sold 300.

The situation is analogous to the release of the Wii U, who had the same price of call in the same conditions on the market. And we all know what happened to the console: after satisfactory sales at launch, it never really took off and became a device that only the biggest fans of the brand were acquired.

The promise of a new way to play is still there, although it comes more of the gameplay but the principle of use. The Switch Nintendo isn’t lying about my abilities, and communication is however much more clear this time. So we can always have hope that the idea of a console convertible lounge resonates more with the public.

Where are the launch games

Mario Odyssey Switch

the problem is not so much the console as the multitude of games announced for the Switch . Zelda was already known for many months, which will also be released also on Wii U on March 3, and Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 are popular titles that easily attract the eye.

But the line-up of the console is the best starving. The European list has not yet been officially revealed, but Japanese and American ads mixed we establish the games who are ready to turn on the device at the launch:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (confirmed in Europe launch)

  • Skylanders Imaginators

  • Just Dance 2017

  • Rayman Legends (release date to confirm)

  • Steep (release date to confirm)

  • Nobunaga’s Ambition

  • I Am Setsuna (release date to confirm)

  • Puyo Puyo VS Tetris (confirmed later available in Europe)

  • Disgaea 5 Complete

  • Romance of the three Kingdoms 13

  • Super Bomberman R

  • Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2

  • Snipperclips

  • 1-2-Switch

these titles are far from running out of interest… but are mostly already available on consoles today cheaper (Setsuna Disgaea 5, DQ Heroes etc). Big Nintendo title that will propel the console will be other than Zelda, who is not even exclusive to this console.

The line-up of all the consoles in the world is never very bright, but it is infuriating. Problem being that exclusive headlines expected on the platform will not be here any time soon: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, MK8 on Wii U GOTY version, will be released on April 28. Splatoon 2 is announced to a vague “summer 2017”, when Super Mario Odyssey is expected to ‘winter 2017’ without elaborating.

An always strange relationship with third party publishers

Nintendo Switch Ubisoft

the rest of the today’s announcements of games is so vague that it does not trust a single second in the platform. EA has revealed my intention to FIFA on the platform, without more details.

Bethesda and 2K promised NBA 2 K 18 and Skyrim at year end, two games available for a long time on the competition. This is much too far to be ignored on this first year of games announced on the Switch.

The worst example may be Ubisoft, which has at the moment revealed that 3 games: Rayman Legends, which was to be an exclusive Wii U at the time before carry on every platform imaginable, is perhaps all the more laughable announcement.

Added to Just Dance, in the same vein for the general public and playable on smartphone. And finally Steep, a game that has not met a huge success on PS4/Xbox One and that the port Switch can be seen cynically as an attempt to maximize the return on investment. When you know that the Publisher likes to support innovative concepts and proposed ZombiU a generation earlier… it’s disappointing.

Remember that more PS4 50-million have been sold worldwide to date, for about half of Xbox One. Who will spend € 349 for a console including the line-up consist of 3 quarters of games already available on their console?

The situation was the same on Wii U, which promised a return of AAA titles but whose ports inspired more confidence on the part of third party publishers: Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Batman were the big names of the time, when the Switch finds himself with titles often niche or already sanded again and many times by players, making it the more shy than truly impacting effort.

Anyway, we hope a flamboyant E3 to regain interest on the console, appearing at its output already exceeded with this line-up. All is not lost, of course, the rumor of a Mario RPG x Rabbids always had game not verified.

Accumulate the usual woes of Nintendo

nintendo switch

Nintendo finally seems to understand a minimum expectations of my players, even the most hardcore with this Nintendo Switch. Note as well that the friend codes are finally abandoned in favour of a system of account, provides dezoned captures photo and sharing video online, while the console is by default.

But the developer has also always had an odd placement which is seen once again today. News of the dezoning has been accompanied by a clarifying example: this is the default, but the zoning can be activated by publishers to individual cases like on Xbox 360, for example, making it the least attractive ad.

The end of friend codes is good news, but the online game will not necessarily simplify: it will be temporarily free before moving to a paid subscription, and the console will not have a built-in chat system. You pay a smartphone app to be able to chat with your friends online.

By announcing this, Nintendo did bother to explain my message that doubt still reigns: the console has the slightest feature integrated online, where everything is deported on this app? The mystery remains for the whole time.

The biggest slap will come from its pricing policy on the Nintendo Switch Accessories: gamepad pro will be charged $ 70, a TV dock additional $ 90… the biggest joke comes from the Joy Con, sold $ 80 pair or $ 50 only, their support (a piece of plastic in which drag them) $ 30.

The great strength always residing in the local multi Nintendo titles, the invoice will be salty to anyone who wants to play 4 or even 8 in LAN as possible with the Switch. It will reassure themselves thinking about the fact that the console has base of 32 GB of storage, and it is extensible via simple micro SD cards.

Nintendo Switch: discover the contents of the box in pictures

Nintendo fights with Sony and Microsoft, whether we admit it or not

ps4 slim

we have thus seen that the situation seems to be the same for the Switch that the Wii U in my time, except that some details seem to be even worse for the little one. But these arguments and price games being seen in comparison with Sony and Microsoft, an argument will be sure to come back in any debate.

“Nintendo doesn’t play the race with Sony and Microsoft”, that returning statement each time that there is talk of the manufacturer. But it is inherently wrong: Although the manufacturer has abandoned the race at the graphics, is no less in competition with these opponents.

The Nintendo formula worked in recent years because it compares to that of my opponents. Considered to be difficult to understand for the general public, the PS3 and Xbox 360 in our world did not conquer the market as much as the Wii, darling of the public.

Nintendo does not have the race to power, but the perspective and easy grip. This tactic does not exist without its competitors, making it well in competition with these: only change philosophy.

And on this perspective, the Nintendo Switch is not equipped to fight. The transition from a home console to a handheld console is not an argument of accessibility: it’s a technological argument, which may not resonate with the mass of this fact.

Even more, my game offer is sorely lacking innovation not speaking already acquired players: the prospect of a Zelda to open world is good for those who have experienced the Zelda from before, know the open worlds of today, and can apprehend enthusiastically this change in gameplay.

What is more, new generations do not have the same nostalgia for the mark and Nintendo titles than before: let us remember that the first console of the current generation is more likely to be a PlayStation as a NES now. But Nintendo has not played the card of nostalgia on this presentation, which is one of its major assets now.

The first year has to be the right

Wii U flop

it could easily do so in its communication strategy in the long term. Problem being only two months of the release of the console, the current message is not convincing enough to avoid the same situation as the Wii U at my time.

Consider the output of a console and its first year of existence to give an indicator as well to the brand to its partners of its presumed success over time. A launch managed gives confidence in the investment on a platform, whereas our games require millions of dollars to be funded now.

The first year gives the expectations of the players on the platform, pushing its orientation on one side or the other. That’s what happened to the Wii U: Nintendo titles were among the only ones to operate, third-party publishers have so quickly abandoned her.

But this was also the case of the Vita: sales to its launch were correct, but my first year of game (CoD Declassified, Resistance) has not sufficiently convinced players who themselves are entrenched on developers India and Japanese securities. Today, the portable console from Sony knows more than that.

At the exit of the Nintendo Switch, just the niche Nintendo seems impossible: The Legend of Zelda will be the only major title to the developer on the console, but will be released also on Wii U where it is already present. Mario Kart 8, available 1 month and a half later, is part of the same order of thought.

Rest then Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey as spearheads, the other announced titles is still too vague to be insured for an output in 2017: it will suffice to convince the general public that the 12.6 million Wii U players as well in the world? The Switch would be a niche for fans product.

This is what the Nintendo Switch could be the next disappointment of the Japanese manufacturer. But the quality of its titles and many talents of my company may soon reverse the trend that we suspect: hope so that they will give the lie to this bias.

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