Netflix now supports microSD cards for the recording of movies and series

the last update to the Netflix application finally allows to choose its storage location favorite for the downloaded videos. For example, if your phone’s internal memory was getting close, it is now possible to download movies and series on a microSD card.

after long stating that the viewing of programs offline no was not the priority of Netflix, the subscription video-on-demand giant has finally decided to start the function offline with an update that surprised everyone last year .

aware of the success of such a feature, available for some time at competitors, Netflix decided to improve service by integrating the support of memory cards. Thus, we are no longer limited by the memory of our devices and it is possible to download the season of Stranger Things on a microSD card in order to escape the whims of mobile network .

a year 2017 which starts well

after exceeding all expectations in 2016 , Netflix will not stop in so good way and sure already reach the symbolic bar of the 100 million subscribers in 2017. This function will surely allow him to get there, thanks to the economy it brings consumer data.

indeed, countries in the process of development, , where phones with 8 GB of memory storage are still popular and where the envelopes data are not as generous as in France, are the markets where Netflix is still struggling to settle. With this option, there is no doubt that consumption of travel programs will be facilitated, which will make the increasingly popular service.

this should help the growth of Netflix international, a market where the company still suffered losses last year.

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