MWC 2017: what to so expect?

what is the MWC?

The Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest high-tech trade fairs in the world. It takes place every year in February in Barcelona. MWC is only dedicated to innovation in the field of mobile. 

Thus, the event brings together professionals and journalists, individuals may not participate. Near 200 000 square meters of exhibition space are available! The Mobile World Congress, is also 14 km of optical fiber, 52 kilometres of cables Ethernet, 1200 WiFi hotspots.

You will find this link a list of all the companies having confirmed participate in MWC this year.

MWC 2017 – quick access

MWC 2017 – Alcatel interested VR

Alcatel is perhaps less famous than its competitors, but he responds despite all present at press conferences. We should find him this year yet, with several models at once. Last year, it has formalized three devices that work with virtual glasses, maybe it will do the same this year, or even present my own helmet since the VR seems to keep her heart.

The Alcatel Idol 4 has a display of 5.2 inches for a Full definition (1080 × 1920 pixels). It also has 16 GB internal memory, 2 GB of Ram and a processor Snapdragon 617. The price (without the glasses) would be 449 euros.

alcatel new
how do you find these Idol of Alcatel? © AndroidPIT

the Alcatel Idol 4S has a screen 5.5 inches for a definition QHD (1440 x 2560 pixels). In addition to this, 32 GB internal memory, 3 GB of RAM and a processor Snapdragon 652. The camera is better than that of the Idol 4.

The Alcatel Idol 4 + sounds similar to the Idol 4, we are not yet sure in what proportions. The phone and glasses should together cost 299 euros.

MWC 2017 – BlackBerry/TCL present

BlackBerry back. First reference of the professional smartphone, it passed into the hands of TCL (subsidiary of Alcatel) and today it is one of the many Android smartphones manufacturers. During the CES, he told us about the BlackBerry Mercury but the official announcement will take place next February, at MWC.

Some U.S. media have already had the opportunity to lay my hands on the device, but it will be a month until we know more. What is certain, c ‘ is that of a physical keyboard, a great feature of the BlackBerry smartphones has Mercury.

blackberry mercury
here’s what looks like Mercury. © CrackBerry

MWC 2017 – Huawei in advance

generally Huawei does not my flagship as early in the year, he expected usually the month of April or may or even the month of November as it did with the Mate 9. It may well change its program this year, according to information lying around on the Internet, because many claim that the P10 will be presented this year in the catalan territory. Whatever it is, Huawei confirmed hold a conference Feb. 26 so we will be soon enough.

AndroidPIT huawei p9 1456
here is the back P9. © AndroidPIT

obviously, Huawei will strike a blow with my P9. It will use no doubt the processor Kirin 960, latest version of its processors House found already in Mate 9. Huawei will him also an artificial intelligence? 

MWC 2017 – Lenovo with a new bike

this year, Lenovo introduced bike Z, who would be the successor of the range X. apparently there is nothing as there should still be a Moto X in 2017 . Lenovo confirmed its presence at MWC (February 26, to be exact), it is not impossible that he took advantage of the opportunity to present this new device. Here’s what we know of this device at the moment: these two photos.

moto x 2017 leak
is this really the Moto X 2017? © Techdroider

the Chinese manufacturer has sent many invitations and we can assume that we will also find motorcycle G5 and G5 as motorcycle.

MWC 2017 – a G6 LG less mutant

with its G5, LG had been one of the biggest stars of the MWC 2016. Obviously, the Korean brand will reiterate the experience this year with my successor: the LG G6. G5 sales were not up to the expectations of LG, the concept of the mutant smartphone has failed to win the hearts of the public. The modular aspect disappears, but the device could well find my forces elsewhere.

LG has so every chance to come back under the spotlight. New design, disappearance of the removable battery and taking mini-jack, reloading (Qi), resistance to water and dust, camera wireless improved, maybe a 4K screen… LG will surprise us!

androidpit lg g5 2
this beautiful device away features from the rest of the range. © ANDROIDPIT

MWC 2017 – Nokia is back with HMD

the pre-Smartphone phone giant is back. Of course, behind Nokia is the Finnish company HMD, who bought the exclusivity of the brand for the next 10 years. The Finns intend take the MWC to introduce at least their best-performing smartphones (probably the middle and entry-level also devices). Not surprisingly, these devices have an air of Lumia smartphones, but rest assured the operating system inside is indeed Android. 

nokia 6 smartphone new
here is what looks like the Nokia 6. © Nokia

the number of smartphones and the confusion between the rumors does not allow us to know the high potential of the device range. Some information indicates that he would have a processor Snapdragon 821, which would be unfortunate since more recent versions of the Snapdragon are available. Other information announced that the Nokia 8 and 8 Supreme will use a processor Snapdragon 835 and, more generally, will have a configuration very high-end. We’ll know more at the end of February.

MWC 2017 – faithful to the post


we have high expectations with this Galaxy S8. That said, we are not some of the date of presentation of the device. According to some, it will not be presented at MWC but next April. For others, it is unthinkable that Samsung does not have its flagship store at the Catalan conference. 

The Galaxy Note7 was a real fiasco for Samsung, as much for my reputation at the level of finance, and it is obvious that Samsung is counting on its S8 to offset losses. For after rumors, Galaxy S8 will be again available in two versions: a classic and an edge format. 

AndroidPIT galaxy s7 vs galaxy s7 edge 8
here are the two big stars of the MWC 2017. © ANDROIDPIT

the smaller of the two would use a definition 2K while the edge model would benefit from a definition 4K. Samsung wants to make its S8 edge reference for virtual reality smartphone?

MWC 2017 – Sony with the less than 2 devices

Sony should come to this annual meeting to present new smartphones. The strategy of Sony is quite strange, its product cycle and its changes of names/letters in the name of phones let us a little perplexed. For MWC 2017, should introduce us two smartphones but the characteristics are not known at the moment, except that they are called G3112 and G2121.

AndroidPIT sony xperia xz 0447
the Sony Xperia XZ: Member of the range X or Z range? © AndroidPIT

according to recent rumors, they will use the Helio P20 MediaTek MT6757 octocore processor. A rumor spoke of a screen 4K but this information is contradicted, one of the models would have a definition 720 p and the other a Full-HD definition. In both cases, it should be mid range devices. What about the high-end?

You can access the smartphones from Sony this year tests by clicking on the following links.

MWC 2017 – Wiko faithful to the post

Wiko announced not less than 4 ranges of smartphones at MWC 2016. During the IFA, in also announced two new. Obviously, it is offering still new in this new version of the MWC. 

WIKO had also formalized an electronic bracelet (which won’t be a smartwatch, note him), so it is possible to see a new version in February.

fever special edition
Wiko released a special edition for my Fever model. © wiko

MWC 2017 – Xiaomi and Huawei in the spotlight

for its first edition at MWC, Xiaomi announced last year my Mi5. We should find a new flagship this year again, probably under the name of Mi6. This new hashigh range of the Chinese start-up device would have a Snapdragon 835, and according to a leak of a test on AnTuTu, the device would have a huge potential and would exceed competitors a tools. 

It also seems that we will see an improved version of the Xiaomi Redmi rating 4. The manufacturer is too much trodden (he calls it Redmi Note 4 X), but its passage by the FCC has allowed us to have some information such as the 4 G frequencies used or still use the MIUI 8 interface.

MWC 2017 – other

there are many other manufacturers will be present at the MWC, but we don’t know yet what they have behind the head. It will take several more months to find out. 

Are the smartwatches endangered?

Strangely, the smartwatches were absent from the Mobile World Congress 2016. Will they return to the taste of the day for the MWC 2017? The market is not very successful for this type of devices and manufacturers have preferred to focus on smartphones and other types of gadgets. MWC 16, Haier had presented a builders but the best-known made themselves discreet.

AndroidPIT moto 360 2015 51
the MWC 2017 will t – it see the rebirth of the market of the smartwatches? © ANDROIDPIT

what is Mobile World Congress has met your expectations? Are you satisfied? Disappointed?

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