Lenovo bike Z Play: as promised, Android 7.0 Nougat spreads in Europe

Lenovo starts to deploy Android 7.0 Nougat on the bike Z Play in Europe. Lenovo is very punctual, update arriving at the end of January, as planned.

for a few hours, users of the Moto Z Play received an update called NPN25.137 – 15-2. Behind this somewhat barbaric name, it’s the major update that will make the bike Z Play to Android 7.0 Nougat .

at the moment, it has been confirmed that the deployment has been made in the Portugal and Spain. Now that the update process is launched, it takes a few hours, or even days, before other countries are affected.

there were not yet first returns, but consider the possibility that, if the update causes problems, its deployment is paused. That’s what has happened already for several manufacturers such as Samsung , Sony or HTC .

an exemplary punctuality

if Lenovo isn’t the fastest manufacturer for the availability of updates, it has similarly to a good reputation with its range motorcycle Z.

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, Z motorcycle tipped on Android Nougat a month ago . As you can imagine, this update has brought many new features .

a few days ago, Motorola Germany had announced the arrival of Android Nougat on the bike Z Play at the end of January . U.S. customers will have to wait a few weeks yet before you can enjoy the same treatment, but the promise is kept, so the update gradually unfolding.

curiously, Android Nougat brings the support of Google Daydream, then Moto Z Play doesn’t have the technical capacity required by Google.

Moto Z Play

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