Instant Tethering will automate sharing connection via the Play Services

in the last updated Google Play services, a new feature made its appearance. Automatic connection, or “Moment Tethering”, sharing requires Android 7.1.1 Nougat to enjoy. This function automates the connection between two devices to share a mobile Internet connection.

Google Play services update and add a new feature. Updated phones can see a new option called now Tethering which should simplify your life to Tablet users. Instead of manually mode hotspot my phone, Instant Tethering will propose to do automatically.

a full-time connection

for example, someone who is accustomed to using a big screen. Once out of home, rather than looking on a diagonal of smartphone content, he will prefer to continue using its tablet. But to go on the Internet, he must use my phone connection.

configure this system can be long and tedious, depending on my smartphone Wi – Fi capabilities. Google will therefore detect the loss of the Tablet and offer to automatically start the connection, to continue to browse the Internet.


first of all, there must be two devices, one who has lost the connection and one that will create one, on the same Google account. Please download the update on both devices. Once this step is done and after installation, please go to settings, go to the Google tab and click on Instant Tethering . Validate the two proposed options and magic should operate.

before establishing an access point, Google will ask you permission by showing the consequences of that choice. More precisely, the battery will run out faster, the Wi – Fi connection will be cut off and the connection will consume the envelope data.

the majority of devices Google with Android Nougat, like the Nexus or pixels, are eligible. As for Pixel C and Nexus 9, they can be used as a compatible access point. In the future, many devices should be compatible with this feature. Individuals who meet all of the conditions have only to go to APK Mirror to download the update.

is already present in iOS, where it is possible to connect very easily a tablet or a computer to a smartphone, when ‘wake up’ the hotspot, which is sleep the rest of the time.

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