If LG plays my cards, he may surpass Samsung at MWC 2017

with the delay of the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG rumor is ready to take the MWC 2017 updated. If he plays my cards and presents the G6, the manufacturer could attract all eyes. The latest rumors about this smartphone are enticing, especially regarding the potential for the format 18:9 and the possibility of a second screen, and could well mean that the South Korean manufacturer will take a big hit.

all eyes have turned to LG, perhaps the oldest Samsung rival on the technology market. Either just before or shortly after the Mobile World Congress, manufacturers will show their latest creations, as was the case for the Galaxy S5 against LG G3 , g alaxy S6 against LG G4 and the Galaxy S7 against LG G5 . In 2017, something new could happen: LG could present its flagship by Samsung.

LG Display announced an extravagant display, including The Verge says that the LG G6 will be equipped. The 5.7 inch LCD will have a display of 18:9 ratio and a definition + QHD. The Mi Mix of Xiaomi of 17:9 screen is just above the standard 16:9, and space is increasingly used for Android program buttons. This new space on the screen of the G6 could bring new features.

AndroidPIT Xiaomi Mi Mix 2123
17:9 Mi Mix of Xiaomi screen is just above the standard 16:9. © AndroidPIT

the definition of 2880 x 1440 pixels gives the phone 320 more pixels on the sides. This compared with the definiton 2560 x 1440 LG G5. LG could develop new ways to use the screen because they have already demonstrated skill in the use of space in the past.

the second screen gives more space for icons of applications and information. © AndroidPIT

the LG V10 was the first to have a secondary technology screen Always On, which was unfortunately also a slab IPS. The V20 has continued on the same basis. A second screen could easily fit next to the main part of the LG G6.

LG G6 must have the second screen

to be honest, the second screen is necessary. The screen Always On the LG G5 did not sense because the screen was IPS and not OLED. IPS screens are not effective enough to stay on all the time, and they deplete the battery, which can not be relieved by moving to a LED backlight. To have an always on screen, OLED is better technology. She walks so that the black pixels are not lit, unlike those who provide information, this saves energy by not illuminating the empty spaces.

Opinion by Eric Herrmann

the second screen is essential

what do you think?

LG makes the most of OLED technology, he proves it every year to the those in Las Vegas. Last week, LG introduced the LG Signature W7 OLED 4 K TV that has been covered with praise and Awards .

landing bg vermelho
the LG Flex 2 had a whole new approach. © LG

tseries G Flex and V show that LG can innovate

the latest OLED LG smartphones were the G Flex and Flex 2 G. These aren’t clearly of the low end phone, first in the light of the price exorbitant, and then due to the fact that the software Department of LG has spontaneously decided to no longer provide update for devices. So these two devices have become the pariahs of the brand…

AndroidPIT lg v20 0752
the V20 has a screen more at the front and a camera more in the back. © AndroidPIT

with the series V, LG gives us the next piece of the puzzle. V20 and V10 were also robust, with huge screens and replaceable batteries. If LG could incorporate the best elements of its most innovative devices and assets loved V series, the LG G6 could well be a hit.

Do you think LG will prove himself at MWC? What is the LG G6 is able to convince fans of Samsung until the S8 out? Tell us what you think in the comments.     

The second screen is essential

what do you think?

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