HTC One A9: Android 7.0 Nougat deployed within a week

a tweet tells us that Android 7 Nougat will arrive soon on the HTC One A9. HTC will keep my promise to upgrade at least three terminals to the latest major version of Android.

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Mo Versi, the vice-president Product Management in HTC US responded to a tweet asking him when come Android Nougat for the American unlocked HTC One A9. MO Versi replied with a little late, but with good news.

we aim [la sortie de la mise à jour] next week, provided that no problem is discovered. Thanks [pour votre patience].

this is news that is sure to delight US users of the product ‘hero’ of HTC. If One A9 is the last HTC to have been served, it remains one of the first phones to receive the update.

a halfway promise


However, everything did go for the best, because we remember, HTC was promised a period of 15 days between the deployment of an update on Nexus and the deployment of this same update on One A9. It was also one of the main points of the marketing campaign of HTC around the product.

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the announcement of Nougat, HTC, through Mo Versi, is obliged to not respect the deadlines. A few days later, HTC has tried to make amends by ensuring that its last three flagship products receive Nougat. The HTC 10 has been updated for Thanksgiving, or November 24 . One M9 followed a few days later, December 6 , confirming the intention of HTC to keep my promise.

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it was then missing more than the HTC One A9 and it seems that it is soon made. We have to wait for the tweet of Mo Versi which will confirm the good news as well as good HTC ranking among builders that quickly update its devices .

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