HTC: and if the year 2017 was correct?

HTC has announced its new Ultra smartphones. It is not the models the more high-end brand but they reveal the outline of the new project of HTC. In difficulties for some years now, HTC can do excellent smartphones but lacked of renewal. With a new design and a bet on artificial intelligence, will HTC head out of the water? Each year, we expect a revival of the brand and if, finally, the year 2017 was the right?

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Each year it’s a bit the same chorus: what is HTC going to take an important place in the market of smartphones? The brand offers a few years of excellent smartphones but still barely out of the water.

Sales are not there in the face of increasingly fierce competition. Typical example of this failure, the 10 HTC released last year which is probably among the best smartphones of the year 2016. This does not mean that there is no default. On the contrary. Design, prices, marketing review, HTC is often point the finger for these weaknesses. But this year, the firm is renewed. What shine in 2017?

An all-new design, it was time!

Among the allegations made more often in recent years HTC, a repetitive design and great novelty comes up often. Since the HTC One M7 released four years ago, HTC has kept the same form factor and broke little new ground. The HTC One M9 for example is the perfect clone of One M8 . Inevitably, the pill wrong.

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It took wait until 2017 and the HTC U Play and Ultra U for HTC offered a whole new design. The brand not announced officially but there are hard to bet that its next high-end, the successor to the HTC 10, should take over this quite different design.

Thus, the new aesthetic codes of HTC are based, as many competitor, on the choice of glass as the main material. the new HTC have a pretty colorful dress covered very brilliant glass. The back of the smartphone is very slightly curved and rounded the corners. Everything makes us think of an iPhone 3 G/3GS in outline.

At the time the iPhone was plastic but form factor of these new HTC comes close. Anyway, it will be difficult today to vary the pleasures in the field of design, all smartphones are necessarily reminiscent of another model. After all, these are large rectangles more or less rounded.

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With this new design in the air time, HTC creates a real break with what he had used to propose before. Aluminum finish, and Hello the glass. HTC, it must be admitted, has exceptional know-how in the field of design and its new products are so very successful at this level. A revival which is nice to see and which gives hope for this brand too often underestimated.

Course on artificial intelligence

with the HTC Ultra, the brand has chosen to integrate a second screen that shows the most important information to its user. Combined with a new artificial intelligence, this screen does wonders according to the brand. Because in addition to a change design, , HTC has set the course for artificial intelligence and intend to stand out thanks to its integration in depth.

If you follow the high-tech news, you have certainly found all major brands to develop their artificial intelligence. This is THE great evolution of the next years. To stand, HTC provides have worked very hard on this artificial intelligence to offer products that “anticipate the needs of the user” . This is what is called machine learning, that is the smartphone adapts to the way in which it is used and then anticipate the needs of the user.

HTC gives some practical examples on a daily basis. my AI for example suggest to change your alarm time according to your schedule. She will advise restaurants according to your tastes and habits.

It will optimize your battery telling you when to recharge taking into account your use and your habits. Examples are almost endless and HTC ensures that its work in this field will make the difference. They like to believe.

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As you can see, HTC took the package to breathe new life into its smartphones. But if the products seem always well gone to seduce, the firm has still not learned from past mistakes. HTC seems to divert the problem.

What lacks it, aren’t the right products. The brand for years, and fans recognize. Missing from HTC is a good strategy , because the right products is one thing, selling them is another. On this ground, the firm seems to nothing have understood.

HTC, lower your prices!

HTC has a new breath into its products, these were not criticized for what they were. They have always been considered of excellent smartphones. The problem recently. At HTC, this is the strategy that is fishing.

And the brand seems not to have understood. Because its new smartphones are still suffering from the same big flaw: their price. HTC U Ultra, the more upscale of the two present smartphones, is proposed at 799 euros! it’s as expensive as an iPhone 7. Except that HTC is not Apple, nor even Samsung.

Reaction to the announcement of the price of the HTC U Ultra

which today would be willing to pay such a sum for a brand like HTC, which is not as strong as the Giants Samsung and Apple radiation. Apart from the fans and a few enthusiasts, not a lot of people. And that is the problem with HTC. The brand persists in wanting to play in the big leagues, while it is far from being a.

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HTC has the marketing power, nor the aura of brands such as Samsung or Apple. And when there is some poor performances for years, the questioning must be done elsewhere than on the product itself. Especially when their quality is recognized by all.

Moreover, consumers are not fooled and see brands such as Honor or OnePlus land with products as good as the high-end of HTC but at prices much more interesting. A 3T OnePlus costs almost twice less expensive than a HTC U Ultra! Nothing justifies such a difference in price and consumers know.

HTC is mistaken in my self-esteem. He sees himself as a direct rival to Apple and Samsung, but this is absolutely not the case. HTC is a Taiwanese outsider as well as Honor or OnePlus. When HTC was playing in the same league as Samsung or Apple is gone and brand should understand that. Since lowering its prices, there is no doubt that the company would end up colors.

So is the year 2017 is the right one for HTC? It’s still bad. The Taiwanese giant went especially well to reproduce the same mistakes as in the past years. Everyone sees the brand to go straight into the wall, everyone did know, but apparently HTC struggled to come down from my pedestal.

HTC U Play and U Ultra: our video grip of the new HTC

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