HTC 11: release date, price and data sheet

the 11 HTC will be likely to be announced in the first quarter of the year. He comes thus compete with Galaxy S8 and the other flagships of 2017 with a top-notch sheet, all in a design always also proposed premium. Meanwhile my presentation, here’s everything we know to my subject.

htc 11 rumeurs

Note that this folder is essentially composed of rumors that we cannot guarantee the veracity to 100%. It will be regularly updated as leaks.

A supercharged technical sheet

as most of its competitors, the 11 HTC should do my arrival have a Snapdragon processor 835 . Presented at the last CES, the new Soc of Qualcomm is a real monster with eight hearts engraved in 10 nanometers by Samsung, allowing it to offer 20% of performance as well as its predecessor, the Snapdragon 821, while consuming 25% more energy and less.

Thanks to its GPU Adreno 540, it offers 25% graphics performance than the 2016 models. Of course, its benefits are not confined to these improvements, you’ll find a few new features such as the Machine Learning that will adapt to your habits and your uses for then to automate some tasks.

According the latest rumors, the Soc would be accompanied by 8 GB of RAM, the highest amount of RAM currently available in a smartphone. On the other hand, the amount of internal storage would rise up to 256 GB.

A large curved 5.5-inch

comes to the screen, HTC has obviously decided to see things big. This could find a slab of 5.5 inch display offering a definition Quad HD 2560 x 1440 pixels. Facing the HTC 10 content format, some will probably find that it’s a lot. But rest assured, the screen size ratio could be greatly optimized. According the latest rumors, HTC 11 would propose a curved screen on the two side borders similar to that of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

A double photo sensor, Yes!

Last year, HTC gave us an excellent camera phone. Before the arrival of the Google Pixel which themselves are hoisted directly to first place in the DxOMark rating from their presentation, the top of the poduim was occupied by the photo sensor of the HTC 10 tied with the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Sony Xperia X Performance. The return of UltraPixel technology abandoned on the M9 (or rather moved to the front of the phone) there is no doubt for many.

HTC 11 capteur photo

this year, the UltraPixel would be always the part, except that we’d find more a 12 megapixel sensor, but two. HTC 11 thus opts for a dual camera with all the benefits that entails. What do great bokeh effects!

A generous 3700 mAh battery

if autonomy was not always the highlight of HTC smartphones, things improved considerably since HTC 10 which offers 3000 mAh at the counter. And the Taiwanese manufacturer is expected to continue its momentum.

It would issue to find a battery of 3700 mAh on board. It is expected to power the phone all day without getting out of breath. In addition, rapid charge Quick Charge 4.0 this natively on Board of the 835 Snapdragon will be able to provide 5 hours of additional unit after only 5 minutes of charge.

A jack on borrowed time

after all these tantalizing information, now the bad news, there is little chance of finding a jack on the HTC 11. No report has yet referred to this specific point but knowing it is already absent from the HTC Bolt aka HTC Evo 10 formalized late 2016 and that it should not find either on board the HTC Ocean Note which will be presented in a few days, there is little hope to find one on the HTC 11.

htc 11 jack

more so now the USB Type C connector is officially recognized as an audio output. Knowing that the abandonment of the Jack allows the manufacturer to win some space inside smartphones, it should disappear gradually at most of the builders. HTC is also not alone in the case since Lenovo, LeEco and Apple have all three announced smartphones without jack last year.

Jack plug: USB Type-C can it really replace it?

Price and release date

the 11 HTC will be officially presented before the end of the 1st quarter. Remains to be seen if the Taiwanese manufacturer will benefit from the MWC, which will take place the last week of February or if he will prefer to book a special event announcement. As for the price, it would be $ 691. It would be so located in the same range as the HTC 10, launched our year last to 699 euros.

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