How to return to an older version of Android?

Note: as I mean by it at the beginning of article, there is that some manufacturers allow their users to go back to an older version of Android and, even if this type of practice is rather tricky to implement. It often takes quite complex manipulations on the part of the user. Which is why it is often required to have a minimum of experience. In the worst cases, a connoisseur friend in the field may guide you so that learn you yourself how fiddling around with Android.

Why go back to an older version of Android?

There are many reasons. Generally, users who want to turn back are those who see problems after installing a new version that don’t like. Why? Probably because she is unstable with several annoying bugs or simply not to their liking with features that have been removed. It may also be a reason of aesthetics, much prefer a good KitKat usability or stability of Marshmallow.

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you must always keep my zen even in case of bugs. © ANDROIDPIT

in fact, there is no technique common to all Android devices to return to an older version of Android. As you can see, it depends on the opportunities provided by the manufacturer. In parallel, there is no no longer the function “Cancel an update of Android”. It is for this reason that a message will warn you before the installation of an update, in asking if you are sure you want to install it.

function “cancel an update of Android’ is not

how do I return to an older version of Android?

Within the possibilities offered by the brands, Google and Samsung are probably the two that are more open to this kind of practice. To start with Google, the firm of Mountain View plays card transparency by providing an online library which is specially dedicated to images of restoration of its Google Nexus. Who says image of restoration, said also return back to reinstall an older version of Android.

Google Nexus and Pixel

If you are the owner of a product of the Nexus range, know that AndroidPIT France blog offers detailed help which allows you to reinstall 6.0 Android Android Nougat or Marshmallow. But let’s think a moment. Seeing that Google offers the old images of restoration ( official website ), you tell me why not replace that of the 7.0 Android to install an older one instead? And this, even for a Nexus which is no longer supported.

Nexus 5x pixel comparison
the Nexus and the Pixel are the easiest to change smartphones. © AndroidPIT

want to downgrade your Nexus to an older version? Here’s a tutorial that is dedicated:

in parallel, the community developers have developed a tool that allows to (re) Flash easily an Android version. Rather easy to use, this program is called Nexus Root Toolkit and is download here . In addition to being able to reflash any version of Android on your Google Nexus or Pixel, the software has also the ability to open and lock the bootloader, install the root, an alternative recovery, among other things.

Samsung Galaxy

turn, Samsung also develops in-house software that allows the users of Samsung Galaxy to install a new or reinstall an older version of Android (through a software image). Finally, it is availability according to the unit, but most popular Korean brand are generally conducive to this kind of practice. Christened Odin, this tool is for use with nimble fingers. When coupled with the database of software image from SamMobile , you can use your Samsung Galaxy as a leader.

the Samsung Galaxy S7 Amazon price

$ 549 . 00


androidpit Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus 5
the Samsung Galaxy are not bad either, thanks in part to the Odin of Samsung software. © ANDROIDPIT

thanks to these tutorials, you can achieve your goals:

for other brands…

This is where things get complicated. In logic, it would be that all smartphones have a restore image, but some manufacturers stand in the way and prefer to be limited to the basic function which is to ‘Reset to factory settings’ to a device reset. But, this option does not change the version of Android, but recovering mobile in a State as if you turn it on for the first time.

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there are several ways to achieve your ends, finally if the mobile is followed by the community. © ANDROIDPIT

users finding no viable alternatives, those fold on the search engines to try to find a viable solution, but there is no common solution to all devices to reinstall an older version of Android. On the other hand, there are many tools common to each brand or a particular model. For this, the XDA Developers forum is all service . In this cave of Ali Baba, you will find a countless number of forums dedicated to each forum and where aid has become commonplace.

I understand that it takes time, but you gotta spend a little to achieve my ends, right? Whether Sony, LG, Sony and others, there are several software dedicated to each brand to Flash of old images of the system. Seeing that Park Mobile Android is growing day by day, you will understand that it is difficult to expose all here. The list of tutorials would be clearly endless.

To name a few, there are:

  • LG Flash Tool: software not developed by the community official ( official website )

  • Flash Tool for Xperia: official software developed by Sony Mobile ( official website )

  • ZTE CWM Flash: official software developed by the Community ( direct link )

  • RDS Lite for Motorola : software not developed by the community official ( link )

  • among others which are found by doing a search, but which?
    , then add the keyword ‘flash tool’ behind

the Custom ROM are also a solution

with the opening of the mobile operating system to Android, it is possible, if the terminal in question is supported by the community, to reinstall an older version of Android by installing a Custom ROM. You may ask “why if the device in question is supported exactly?”, I would simply say that it depends on the popularity of the product. A product has been popular and larger the quantity of users around it. On the blog of AndroidPIT France, a search on the blog will rise you the most popular mobile devices to be entitled to their article dedicated to the best Custom ROM, among others more general.

For a few examples you, I redirigerai you to:

the bootloader, the root of all changes

in addition, it is always interesting to learn about these gateways/bridges that allow to install a Custom ROM. Android, bootloader, of the french ‘bootloader’ is the basis of all things. If you are curious to learn more about the topic, keep in mind that an article dedicated to explaining it is available at reading.

androidpit nexus 5 bootloader 2
the bootloader, the root of all changes in Android. © ANDROIDPIT

forget the myth that says “the installation of the root is needed to install a Custom ROM”, I would say that it is completely wrong… To install a Custom ROM, you need something that is nothing more than a modified recovery. Well, that said, it is good to give super user rights, so-called ‘root’, a Mobile Android: to unlock the additional features of a Custom ROM or access extend other functions. What types? These 10 reasons find of rooting an Android you may push to take the plunge.

Now we come at the end of this article, we hope he will be able to help you as best as possible. If you have more tips to improve the experience of use of each, the comments below the article, remain at your disposal. This article will be dedicated to evolve over time.

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