How to load faster your Android smartphone

– what’s worse than a discharged smartphone? A smartphone that is ages to recharge! Here are some tips to speed up the load of your Android device. They are simple to apply and frankly you will save you time.

good decision-making and good charger

recharge my smartphone can sometimes be painful. Everyone does not yet at the present time of rapid charge. There are a few small tips to optimize the recharge time.

First of all, to give up any idea of charge your smartphone via your computer: loading is much faster when you plug your charger into a wall socket. It goes same for IQ Wireless charging, which will remain always slower than classic loading.

In the best cases, try using the cable provided with your smartphone. Although all Android devices now have universal Chargers, you should still be careful with those that can be found on the market.

flight mode switch

now that your device is plugged in, the best thing to do to accelerate its load is to switch to airplane mode: this will cut off all connections and will save energy easily. How to activate airplane mode differ depending on the devices: on most smartphones, a shortcut in the notifications bar allows you to access with one click. 

mode avion
the passage in airplane mode to speed up the load of your phone. © ANDROIDPIT

on other devices, you can also perform a long press on your power button, and alongside the options “Switch off” and “Restart”, you will find the “airplane Mode”.

Turn off your smartphone

If you don’t need your smartphone during loading, then all turn it off: nothing better for that he had nothing else to do that load. Be careful though to check if the alarm function activates always, in case you need it.

Turn off unnecessary features

you’ll understand: the goal is to apply at least your smartphone, so that it can load as quickly as possible. If you choose to leave it on, some features may continue to nibble the battery unnecessarily, so it is better to disable them: the Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, NFC are particularly greedy.

wifi bluetooth
cut the unnecessary features will also help the speed of the load. © ANDROIDPIT

also remember to turn off the automatic updates of the Google Play Store : it seems not important but it can still make a big difference at the critical moment. Also turn off auto-sync, which is often responsible for your loss of autonomy.

Don’t touch!

And now, we stop to look at my phone every 10 seconds! Why? Because the screen is the number one reason that will drain your battery. Turn it on to see if you have missed nothing will worsen the situation: give time to your smartphone to load.

You have applied all of these tips? Did you see the change?

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