How to install an application if it is not available on the Google Store?

today ‘ today, we explain how to install an APK on Android, in other words, how to install an application, such as Flash Player, a third-party application, etc… without going through the Store. It’s very easy, no need to root or technical knowledge, simply follow our tutorial!

Note: for security reasons, Google blocks by default install apks. Know, then, that you are taking a risk in downloading and installing an APK file. Indeed, Google cannot guarantee the security of the application. So be careful if you decide to install an APK file, particularly on the provenance of the APK file. If in doubt, don’t take risks.

Above all: allow the installation of external applications

by default, your Android does not allow you to install applications otherwise only through the Google Play Store . Simply check a box to get rid of this problem:

  • go to your settings > security

  • check Sources unknown

apk installer android
configuration may change depending on your model. © ANDROIDPIT

easy, right? Now we can proceed to the step of the installation of your application.

Install an APK

choose the application you want to install, it comes to a file named .apk . Here are some links to find the last useful APK on your Android. Otherwise, Google will also very well my work, but be careful to not install anything.

If you are looking for a huge source of APK, you can visit the website APKMirror . Then, the procedure is very simple. Follow these steps!

1. download the APK in question.

2. go to your downloads and open it.

3. click on the app, then confirm by clicking install

installer apk
here is an example with the installation of a file APK of WhatsApp. © ANDROIDPIT

and here! If you install the APK of an application in itself, in contrast to Flash Player which is a background process, you will find the shortcut created in your app drawer, and most often on your home screen. This method is also valid when you want to install an update to an already downloaded application. 

If for one reason or another you won’t download the APK directly from your device, be aware that you can also download it on your PC and then transfer it to your smartphone. You won’t have to use a file manager to locate and open it. 

It has worked well for you?

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