How to hide the photo albums in the Gallery on Android?

the universe of photography is gradually became an integral part of our smartphones. Many applications allow to edit them and share them, some social networks are even based on this concept. However, it is important to preserve your privacy, not only on these applications, but also on your own phone. Today let’s look at how to hide pictures in the Android Gallery. The method is reversible, and does not require the root. 

the procedure is very simple, you just need a file on their phone browser. We will create a file named .nomedia , placed in the folder you want to keep secret. The system interprets this .nomedia as a command to display the contents of the folder in the gallery. 

This tip is very useful if you use your smartphone for use professional or personal, or if you lend it often. You can protect the content of your gallery from the bad looks.

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from time to time, it may be useful to hide some photos

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If you’re like me, by dint of install applications, download attachments and other, you end up with a gallery overloaded in albums. On Android, the photos are automatically added to the Gallery, regardless of the folder in which they are located. To hide the photos and albums from your Android, first download a file Explorer. I use ES File Explorer for this article, but any file manager will do from the moment it manages hidden files.

  • App version:

  • the app size: 9.36 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.0 or more

  • business model: free

are Explorer of files Install on Google Play

go to the folder you want to hide. The only real difficulty might be to find where this folder because they are not always stored in the same place. For example, if you want to remove the folder WhatsApp Images your gallery, you will find it in the folder / WhatsApp/media / WhatsApp Images . Most applications store the photos in the folder DCIM, others like WhatsApp store them in a folder with the name of the application. If in doubt, you can get them via the search function of your file Explorer.

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just add a file and voila. © ANDROIDPIT

once in the right folder, create a new file. Generally, you will find an icon with a “+” or vertical points in your file browser, press, then choose file . Name the file .nomedia . Don’t forget the point at the beginning of the word, is important.

Once the file is created, you won’t necessarily appear because it is a hidden file called. In order to access the hidden files, simply go to your file manager settings and activate this option.

This method can save the day, for example if you forgot to erase the photos of the weekend overwatered, and you lend your mobile phone to a colleague on a Monday morning.

Have you ever needed to use this trick?

From time to time, it may be useful to hide some photos

what do you think?

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