How to calibrate or recalibrate your Android smartphone battery

our batteries are probably the most fragile components of our smartphones. This isn’t Samsung that will tell us the opposite. Their life expectancy is rather limited but some practices may allow to give them a little bit of freshness. Well calibrate or recalibrate the battery is part of these good practices. Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out our complete tutorial!


you are probably quite aware, but your battery to deteriorate over time. Refill multiplying, they lose in efficiency and the batteries lose capacity. Basically, after several months your 3000 mAh battery is more than 2500. Several problems arise then.

The first is obvious: it’s that your smartphone will no longer display the right percentage on the screen. And think that we have 30% of battery while in fact there are only 5, it can quickly become annoying, especially in a professional setting.

These indication errors are due to the decrease of your battery. We already charging our smartphone at least once a day, so imagine with a battery that runs halfway. The lose. Fortunately, there is a method to give blood nine to your smartphone battery: calibrate. Two methods exist, a first for the rootes models and the other for smartphones without root.

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how to calibrate or recalibrate your battery of Android smartphone

calibrate the battery of your Android smartphone without root

If your smartphone is not rooted, to calibrate your battery, it’s pretty simple:

  • completely unload your smartphone until it turns off

  • try to turn it on. If nothing happens it’s perfect. If it turns on, continue to turn on and turn off until it is fully cooked.

  • Connect your smartphone to a power outlet, if possible with a charger official or authorized.

  • Let it charge completely. When he tells you that the recharge is complete let him plugged for a full hour.

  • Unplug your phone and turn it on.

  • If it does not display 100%, then the battery is not calibrated. Then reconnect your smartphone until it shows 100%. Restart it. Repeat this procedure until the 100% appear at startup.

  • Bravo, your smartphone battery is calibrated!

Calibrate the battery of your Android smartphone with root

for smartphones rootes manipulation is easier. Just install a small application amazing and magical. One of the most popular to calibrate the battery is “Battery Calibration” that you can download right here:

once the application is downloaded and installed, here are the steps to follow:

  • let your smartphone to discharge completely. Turn it on and turn it off as many times as necessary until it is completely flat.

  • Plug it in and turn it on again.

  • Launch the application Battery calibration and wait that the smartphone is 100%

  • press the “Battery calibration”

  • that is, your battery is calibrated. Great huh?


you see, it’s not that complicated finally. Here you are with a brand new battery. Of course, if you have any questions or comments, you’re invited to do so in the comments section to share with other readers. And so do we!

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