How to block access to your applications through facial recognition

in the evening, the phones are often passed from hand to hand, whether it’s to see the latest funny video from the net or manage music. But some take the opportunity to take a look at your privacy… To block these troublemakers forever, or be certain that your children not have access to the content too adult for them, you can use facial recognition: let us guide you!

reconnaissance faciale

our smartphones are at the center of our lives, it is a fact that can no longer ignore now. Containing information that may be compromising on our privacy, or even simply our credit card details, they are not taking security seriously.

Of course, we think about immediately to piracy and to the many available on Android antivirus to protect themselves. But often, the fault just simply our daily use and the people who surround us.

It never happened to see your phone turn through many hands in the evening, to choose music or simply to watch a video? Always there is a sneak thief that will benefit your smartphone to be unlocked to watch your photos and other…

In this situation, you can ensure that your applications use facial recognition before agreeing to be launched. That’s what we’re going to teach you how to set up today.


  • Android 4.0.3 or higher

  • a sensor photo before (obviously)

these are the only two requirements of the application that we use, that requires root access rights in any case to be used. Instead, it will overlap with the application you launch, allowing you to block access if necessary.

Download IObit Applock

to block applications you want with facial recognition, we will use the IObit Applock application. It is available on the Store Play in a free version containing advertisements or a paid version provided in settings and without advertising.

first launch

by default, you can simply block your apps with a password . At the first launch of IObit Applock enforcement asking you to define a schema or a PIN code which will be used exactly this, bonus to lock access to the application itself to prevent any changes to your security.

simply get a scheme that suits you. For more security, better is worth to be different from the one you may already use to unlock your smartphone: you can never be too careful.

At first launch, you are also prompted to create an account to retrieve your password: This allows you to access more features of the app, but the step is optional. For the sake of the clarity of this tutorial, we will move apart.

in order to protect your applications, IObit will require that you enable the “user data”. Basing on any object in the list, the app will guide you to do: simply activate the function in the menu displayed in this configuration. Voila!

Configure the facial recognition

your home allows you to see the list of applications installed on the device and lock those that you wish by simply pressing the lock. To use facial recognition, it must first set it up.

To do this, open the menu on the side of the application, and choose ‘Face Lock’. The configuration will start then. First, you will need to allow the use of your camera: a natural right which will work in a few seconds.

to be in a well-lit area, put your face in the dedicated circle: the procedure lasts a few seconds, and your face is now registered! You can now use facial recognition to block any application!

Use facial recognition

back on the application list, select those that you want to block by facial recognition by pressing the lock. Once it’s done, drag your finger from the top to the bottom in order to refresh the list.

You will see then the selected applications appear at the top in the list “app locked”. 3 choices now appear at the end of these: click the icon in the form of head in order to activate the facial recognition.

as soon as you launch these applications, facial recognition is activated: If your head is not recognized, it will be impossible to launch! If for any reason, your face was not recognized, you will always have the possibility to return the schema or base PIN code for access.

Stay under the radar by hiding its security

as we told you earlier, this solution is especially handy in the evening or when you have a child. But falling on that kind of security can quickly to impersonate a paranoid, and launch of discussions that you do not necessarily want to have. Or, if your child is smart, find ways to bypass this protection.

Fortunately, the application allows to hide itself to avoid prying eyes. In order to do this, choose “false lock” in the menu. This feature will allow you to make another window as someone will seek to launch a limited application.

you can for example to simulate a fake call in progress, or a crash of the application. These fake windows have all a trick to launch face recognition, otherwise they will automatically close the application. Very convenient!

Android security: the right things to protect themselves from the virus.

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