How really close applications on Android

you can charge your smartphone all night, the battery melting like snow in the Sun, even though you do not use? Maybe it’s that your applications are always turning. You may not know it, but leave an application does not close it. There are many who still run in the background and so wear your valuable energy. Here’s how really close an app on Android.

Note: close an app is still not synonymous for energy savings, especially if it’s an app that you use very often since launch it you will consume more energy. Therefore, use this procedure with caution.

Close an open app

many newbies wondering how to close an app, a little reminder is probably not too: Android devices now have a page that displays all open applications. On most devices, you access it by clicking on the icon on the right in the menu bar. On others, you need to do a long press on the Home key: this is the case of the former Samsung for example.

boutons android
according to the manufacturers, this key can be different. © ANDROIDPIT

from this page, you simply drag the applications that you want to close to the left or the right: they will then close.

multitache applications
drag applications on the right to close them. © ANDROIDPIT

how really close in the background on Android applications

If you insist with the word ‘really’, it’s for a good reason: on Android, like most of the other OS for that matter, some applications run always in the background. This means that, even if you have not opened, or if you shut them off with the above method, they continue to work. 

Fortunately, there is a way to know what applications are still “really” open:

  • go to settings > Applications (or Application Manager)

  • slide to the right in order to arrive on the tab current

androidpit FR applications fermer
you can force stop an application by going to the settings. © ANDROIDPIT

you see here so what applications are running on your device. If you want to permanently stop one, click on its name and select stop . The app will then ‘really’ closed, as you wished!

Back on the page current , you can access the applications and processes running in the background.

applications encours
you can close the applications that consume the most resources. © ANDROIDPIT

since Marshmallow, this page current is not present on all devices. It must pass through memory > RAM memory usage.

androidpit FR ram utilisation memoire
click on the application to close. © AndroidPIT

Attention, however: some background tasks are essential, and close randomly may do more harm than good to your device. Be cautious! 

This tutorial applies to all Android devices, but some manufacturers such as Samsung offer access simplified to running applications with Task Manager for example. Finally, there is always an often very effective solution if you really want to close your applications on Android: restart your smartphone! It can never make him wrong, on the contrary.

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