How Facebook extends my empire?

Facebook: Philanthropy in the economy

Facebook is without doubt the most famous social network on the planet, but it’s also (and especially) a company aimed at the Summit. Adored by some, criticized by others, Mark Zuckerberg (creator and great guru), is not shy to give the company an image of hero of modern times, saviour of humanity by trying to offer Internet to everyone, etc. It’s Philanthropy under conditions, of course.

Thanks to the success of its social network, Facebook has got enough money to buy other companies. He had caused a stir in 2012 by buying Instagram for $ 1 billion, but the apotheosis took place two years later when Facebook bought giant WhatsApp instant messaging for the colossal sum of $ 19 billion (3 billion to employees), 12 billion in shares and 4 billion cash.

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Facebook wants to be everywhere. © ANDROIDPIT

of the acquired companies, Facebook was appropriate Oculus VR, which, as the name suggests, specializes in virtual reality. ZeniMax Media company accuses Oculus VR to break Copyrights and divert the secret patent. As part of this trial, the great Sachem of Facebook explained how it takes to buy companies, and as you can imagine, this has more diplomacy policy economy.

How Facebook does to redeem companies

Business Insider journal unveiled the exact words of Mr. Zuckerberg. He classifies the methods of Facebook in 4 distinct points: relational, the vision of the future, fear, action.

1. use the relational

Maybe you play strategy games of the Crusader Kings 2 type, in which it is better to have good relations with your enemies in order to better handle them. Mark Zuckerberg offers a similar strategy since he recognizes good relationships with the bosses (large) companies before buying, which obviously allows to make the transition smoothly and quickly. The moral of the story is that you have to pick my friends.

“In fact, what happened with all that, with Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus, these are things we think for a very long time”. In other words, Facebook had dreamed, other companies did, bought the Facebook. Rather simple Topo for facebook: veni, vidi, vici.

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“After the meal, I bought your company for $ 4 billion”. © AndroidPIT

2. See the future in the same way

it is difficult to convince a business leader to entrust you with her baby (since most of the creators and company bosses have an emotional attachment to the institution) if he doesn’t like what you going to do. Therefore to agree on many points: discuss the future of the employees, discuss the line that must follow the company after purchasing, etc.

of course, if the company is in financial difficulty she will be so happy to find a buyer will not be too obtrusive to the level of differences of opinion, but when Facebook fishing big fish you better have a big net to do not what he escapes.

“[cette transaction] should be, if not because we have a lot of money, although we should offer a good price […]. But it must also have the impression that this will help him succeed in my mission, don’t you? “.” Actually, this is only to serve, is not it?

Opinion by Benoit Pepicq

sell my business is the most difficult decision that a boss could take

what do you think?

3 use fear as a strategy

Unfortunately, the first two points don’t always work. It may a little tougher solutions. A bit smaller or, at the very least, weaker, companies let it impress more easily by adversity and Facebook account to take advantage. Reminding them how it is difficult for them to hold my head high, the American giant can to convince them to abandon the struggle… and their business.

“is less my thing, but I think that if you try to convince people you join, make them understand all the difficulties that they should live to get out is a good tactic”. As Business Insider, this has not helped him to buy Snapchat, on the contrary this story ended by a red card for Mr. Zuckerberg.

4 act quickly

regardless of the market, it is filled with competitors more reactive than the other. He must act quickly before they act in our place and we do an opportunity under the nose. It is undeniable, and it is in the nature of a competitive market. When you want to buy a business, we must act quickly before that competition has a more attractive offer. 

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on Android, competition does not. © AndroidPIT

“[…] if a company knows that we make an offer, they offer more.” Sign quickly improves so not only our chances to be a good deal if desired, but it also lets you do not have to pay more because of a procedure that drags on.” Finally a bit of franchise, we are talking really money.

Not surprisingly, the acquisition of companies (by Facebook as well as others) is as much a matter of policy and economy. Facebook is good at that and managed to buy successful businesses, placing it as King of Internet communication. The King has a rocking chair? The future will tell, but for now these applications are all in the top of the rankings.

Would you consider other techniques for acquiring a company?

Selling a business is the most difficult decision that a boss could take

what do you think?

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