How check if one steals your Wi - Fi and fire thieves Android

we all had this doubt someday or the other: a thief would not be enjoying my fixed internet subscription without my knowledge? Whether during a party game or a download proved strangely slow, better is worth to have the right tools to check its network at any time. Here’s how Android.

protéger wifi voleurs

isn’t absolutely great to be at home? More the shrill noise of the city, easy access at the slightest snack without having to leave your credit card and the game consoles and digital cameras as much as you want.

And, while you were about to play your favorite game online or watching your favorite movie in streaming, horror: your connection lag. Impossible, you say you then, my fiber optic connection 1Gbps can suffer such problems!

The question will then arise naturally in your mind: and if a neighbor circles you your connection? We all got it once in the head, and we’re here to help you rest by analysing your connection to block any intruder, directly on your Android phone.

Prerequisites them

  • have a rooted phone

  • Android 4.0.3 or higher

to be able to analyze your Wi – Fi network and block unwanted connections, the application we use today will need root access . If your phone is not rooted, you can follow our tutorial for win the rights root on your machine .

If you do not have the root and the procedure you’re afraid, even if there is no reason for this worry, remember that you can also through your PC to control your wi – fi against thieves .

Download Pixel Netcut

the application that we will use in order to analyse the network is called Pixel Netcut. It is a very powerful and complete, easy to use on mobile network diagnostic tool thanks to its interface developed for the platform.

Don’t worry, however: there is no need to go application on external sources, since it is directly available on the Store Play. No risk to be hack by the way so:

give root rights the application

of course, Pixel Netcut goes directly to need root rights to operate and will be asked to launch. If you used to all this, no worries then. If you’re not, let us explain.

The application simply to have access to a more thorough check that doesn’t normally allow the Android system. In this case, this will serve him to completely control the Wi – Fi network on which it connects and truly be able to act on it. To give these root rights, you must simply click on “Grant” .

protéger wifi voleurs

analyze the connections on your Wi – Fi network

once this is done, and that you are obviously connected over your own wi – fi, you will have access to the list of all devices connected to your network at time T. The application allows you to see the router, MAC address and the IP used by each device.

By clicking on it, you will also have access on behalf of the manufacturer of the device connected to your network. Convenient to not make the mistake of block one of your devices.

wifi protéger voleurs

block unknown connections on your Wi – Fi

and of course, the most important step: block connections of those siphoning off your connection. With your list in hand, we recommend that you do the tour of your home and your devices and rename directly in the application those you know and have with the editing button.

Once this is done, simply disable the slider on the side of your list to block connections on the network of this device in particular. If you made a mistake, no worries: simply reactivate the same way.

If you have your list, well renowned to find your devices, you can now check it to make sure that the connected devices are yours. If your connection lag, a glance at the application will reassure you on the desired presence or no of people on your network!

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