Here is the data that WhatsApp provides the authorities

two weeks ago, a report regarding a possible door furtively WhatsApp to access encrypted messages of users has caused a lot of commotion. Security experts deny the information published by the Guardian newspaper . WhatsApp also denied them in a statement. In the meantime, the following information appears: it is confirmed that WhatsApp provides data to the authorities.

in reality, it is not surprising that technology companies like WhatsApp, Facebook or Google (to name but a few) to provide data on their users to the authorities. It is not a conspiracy of the companies, but this is simply mandatory in many countries because of their legislation. Including the United States.

About two weeks ago WhatsApp came into the crosshairs of The Guardian. The newspaper reported a stolen door possible allowing authorities and Governments to access encrypted messages. Security experts expressed their disagreement with this information, and even denied it WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp has defend themselves publicly. © AndroidPIT

a survey by Forbes indicates it is completely confirmed that WhatsApp provides data, which, as we have already mentioned, is not very surprising. However, what is interesting to know, is what data it is. Given that WhatsApp is not official statements, a reporter for Forbes reviewed court records and made a discovery.

By order of the tribunal, WhatsApp collected metadata and put at disposal of the authorities (in the United States, this is called a pen trap order ). This data collection does not include the content of messages, but information about users with whom the monitored account has been in contact, the frequency of these contacts and when the messages were sent. IP addresses, and even location data may be subject to monitoring. Each of these has its own scope. In one of the cases mentioned, it has not allowed to WhatsApp to inform a user assigned one of these acts of surveillance had taken place.

The location of servers in the United States for the cloud and messaging services are already a warning sign

by Hans-Georg Kluge

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In court documents, it is apparently written WhatsApp does not store so much data in practice. Even before the deployment of end-to-end encryption, it was difficult to access the content of the messages, since these were eliminated WhatsApp servers after having been delivered to their recipient. Since WhatsApp encrypts messages, their content is not as easily accessible.

Facebook is also affected by this type of requests of the competent authorities. The social network using any type of encryption, there is almost no limit to collect information. Forbes talks about a document which indicates that a Facebook user data were broadcast: messages private, statistical activity, its ‘like’, contacts, and even my friends denied.

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Facebook features of enough data to create a personal profile.

Counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Neema Singh Guliani, told Forbes that metadata provided by WhatsApp is sufficient to get an idea of the user being monitored. It is not even necessary to store metadata, as, for example, Signal Messenger do not use them. This is why in this case, it is also almost not possible to get information about users.

Messaging services must ensure anonymity.

by Hans-Georg Kluge

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What is particularly striking is the WhatsApp information policy: Facebook regularly publishes transparency reports, which include information about requests from the Government. WhatsApp, unlike Facebook, cannot provide that bit of data and has a more closed attitude. It goes without saying that neither Facebook nor WhatsApp, wanted to comment on the specifics of the Forbes report.

EC-last shows the dark side of digital communication: data transfer requests are mainly suspects of criminal cases and, to a lesser extent, of course, innocent people who are the targets of an investigation. Mustn’t forget the will of the authorities to recognize. The Forbes report is based, among other things, court records dealing with crimes from drug trafficking and terrorism.

Balancing privacy and fighting crime is a huge challenge

by Hans-Georg Kluge

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. Finally, the report allows users to draw their own conclusions on the exchange of data with the authorities. I there are many alternatives to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but these are less popular with users. This is a shame, since private data should stay: private.

What do you think of the fact that data are transmitted to the authorities? Have you taken measures in this regard? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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