Here are the apps Android more gourmet

have you ever wondered why smartphones are increasingly powerful and packages data more and bigger? Simply because it is necessary. Some applications tend to be very demanding with regard to the consumption of the battery or data, and yet they are often very popular… We present it in our article below.

anti-Virus Guard, better known by its acronym AVG, is famous for its antivirus but also because he shares a report disclosing the applications in different categories. Below are the most recent ranking.

AVG share quarterly the list of the most hungry applications

see below for lists of applications that stand out in two distinct ways: left those that are started automatically in the background, and right ones that users must manually start.

We present three categories that we think are the most interesting, namely applications that slow down the system by a too large consumption of resources, applications that consume the most battery and those who consume the most of data. This is only the applications that have been downloaded at least 1 million times on the Google Store. 

10 apps that slow down your system

Let’s firstly look at applications that tend to slow down your smartphone.


Top 10
(applications démarrées automatiquement)
Top 10
(applications démarrées manuellement)
Facebook Snapchat
Google Maps Spotify
Facebook Messenger LINE
Instagram Samsung WatchON
BBM Clean Master
Microsoft Outlook
Kik Messenger Amazon Shopping
WhatsApp SoundCloud
WeChat BBC iPlayer
The Weather Channel Mozilla Browser

it’s not really surprising to find Facebook in this ranking. If you look at this as a problem, you can find different alternatives to this app on the Store. They may not have the potential of the official app, but at least they are not problematic.

In manually launched applications, we find no surprise Snapchat in first place. This application is one of the most popular, especially among the young, but the sending / receipt of photos have their price: the application slows down the system.

Androidpit on the smartphone with hearts 1817
instant messaging applications can be gourmet. © AndroidPIT

10 apps that pull (too) on your battery

some applications are really greedy in terms of battery. Knowing that autonomy is one of the biggest problems of the smartphones, it can’t take this topic lightly and ensure not to let these leeches in the background pumping our battery.


Top 10
(applications démarrées automatiquement)
Top 10
(applications démarrées manuellement)
Samsung AllShare Samsung WatchON
Samsung Security Policy Updates Snapchat
Beaming Service for Samsung Microsoft Outlook
Google Maps Clean Master
Facebook Spotify
WhatsApp Amazon Shopping
WeChat Super – Bright LED Torch
AppLock BBC iPlayer
BBM PicsArt Photo Studio

this time, we can see the Korean giant Samsung with its various services. In the sector of communication, find us surprisingly Facebook and Snapchat.

AndroidPIT Scott surprised by Android 3
Why impose applications that take both on the battery? © ANDROIDPIT

10 applications that running out too soon your plan data

to my knowledge, the France is one of the few countries for which data the plans don’t really represent a problem. Free broke so the price that today ‘ hui it is relatively easy to find a good quality/price ratio. However, it is still important to be very careful to consumption, it allows to avoid unpleasant surprises. Below the applications the more gourmet at this level. 

Top 10
(applications démarrées automatiquement)
Top 10
(applications démarrées manuellement)
Facebook Snapchat
The Weather Channel Spotify
Instagram Clean Master
Google Maps Microsoft Outlook
Clean Master Samsung WatchON
Beaming Service for Samsung LINE
BBM Google News & Weather
WhatsApp Amazon Shopping
Facebook Messenger ARE File Explorer File Manager
THE SPEED Booster & Cleaner SoundCloud

these applications consume your data in the background. We find various categories of the weather app to the antivirus via the file manager and Instant Messaging. Oh, and of course Facebook. 

If you wish to find out more information, you can read the report published by AVG (in English).

-What are these lists of AVG will influence your use?

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