Here are 10 best smartphones of 2016

AnTuTu, the application dedicated to Smartphone performance tests, published throughout the year (every months to be exact) rankings to designate the faster or even the more powerful smartphones. At the beginning of the year, AnTuTu therefore published its final ranking of top smartphones for 2016. Little surprise, no model of Samsung smartphone is in the list.

what are the best smartphones?

This issue is not new. She is one of many users who are interested in the performance of the devices before buying them. To compare the actual performance of a smartphone, there are therefore different applications of benchmarks. AnTuTu is one of the most famous landscape of mobile telephony.  Thanks to their database, app developers are able to create a list of the fastest smartphones month after month.

Behind the seemingly unassailables iPhone 7 more and iPhone 7 , we find the OnePlus 3 T, the Pro 3, bike Z LeEco and OnePlus 3 among others. For this final ranking, no Samsung smartphone is in the list. It’s a little surprise but is not as far a failure. Samsung can never communicate on its models by announcing them as the most powerful. The classification of AnTuTu also deserves a step back. Xiaomi mid 5s and 5s Mi more appearing in the rankings are not so far revealed best overall compared to other models that are missing from this list, as the S7 or Pixel .

Best price: Apple iPhone 7

best price

androidpit antutu 2016
the ranking of the best smartphones of 2016! © AnTuTu

if we take only the ranking Android, Google Pixel and Pixel XL are appearing in the standings. The reason? Their processor Snapdragon 821. 

Antutu Benchmark Install on Google Play

of course, the ranking should quickly change at the end of the first quarter. Smartphones with a processor Snapdragon 835 will arrive to upset him.

This is what such a ranking is important to you when you want to buy a new device? What do you use as other criteria to determine the smartphone you will buy? Let know us in the comments.

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