Hangouts: what's dead cannot die

it is better not to understand the Google strategy at the level of Instant Messaging. Hangouts, Messenger, Hello and Duo coexist, are officially installed on more than one billion devices, and are used by a minority of users. Since Google closed the API for video chats, it seems that the end of this messaging service is coming to an end.

Hangouts is sentenced? Google shows through clues that it may euthanize this application. The latest victim is an API allowing third parties to use the video chat (information relayed by 9to5Google ). Google might well continue to develop Hangouts to share and book application for businesses, we learned through another source. 

Hangouts has never been extraordinary

by Eric Herrmann

what do you think?

Although there are only few critics to make him truly, this application has never managed to become. While it was preinstalled on Android smartphones a majority of users never launched the application. Generally, they use rather WhatsApp or Snapchat where they already have contacts

one explanation may well be Hangouts has never been extraordinary. Initially, Google had even empapaouté its users by forcing them to use Google + to send and receive pictures. It’s that he dropped a little ballast. With the integration of SMS, he had acquired a paramount feature, but few users find really interesting. Play Store statistics confirm that Hangouts had few active users.

Hangouts WhatsApp Facebook Messenger
downloads > 1 billion. > 1 billion. > 1 billion.
notes ~ 2.5 million ~ 49.3 million ~ 37.6 million

on the other hand, Hangouts showed some advantages: it offers a synchronization with multiple devices and can be used on multiple devices at the same time. In addition, it is possible to move very quickly from chat to voice or even video communication.

New applications, new opportunities

, October 2016 Android Police announced that Google would more place Hangouts as application preinstalled on smartphones. Instead, they found the Duo video chat application from December 1, 2016.

AndroidPIt google pixel XL 9797
on the Pixel, Hangouts is disabled by default. © AndroidPIT

in the world of messaging, Google does not happen to find its place. All my attempts have until now failed, users prefer to turn to competition where they are certain to find all their friends. Show the technological benefits such as artificial intelligence found on Google Hello failed to prove either.

Hangouts cannot die…

… since he has never really lived. On my debut, the service already had the head under water because of an inefficient marketing department. Too late, he was resurrected with new features, but the damage was already done. Since then, he has trouble breathing and despite all smartphones on which it is installed, few users were able to see its full potential and chose not to use.

This is particularly in the professional world Hangouts proved practical. Google has also recognized and wants to leave more in this direction . This is understandable, I can myself notice daily that in terms of synchronization Hangouts is much more effective than Skype or WhatsApp.

Privately, Hangouts has not much value. My contacts won’t be using, and when they do it is usually to talk to a few geeks like me. Hangouts lack sex appeal to truly break through, and apparently this isn’t about to change.

What do you think of the disappearance of Hangouts?

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