Google will surprise you with these 5 unknown applications

Chrome, Google Maps, Google Keep, + Google, YouTube, or even Gmail are some of the essential applications of Google, which many are also pre-installed on our Android smartphones. But the developers of Google are many and are also working on many other projects also various that innovative and often bizarre. Then start together in the magical world of unknown applications from Google and discover those that are the most useful and sympathetic.

1. Google Gesture Search: everything at to gesture

how many minutes of your life lost looking for contacts, applications, songs, or the parameters of the menus on your smartphone? Google Gesture Search is designed to make your life easier. Just set it up once. You can then select items to include in the search, then just draw the letters that make up the title of the application.

The application still sports a design rather retro with a background black similar to the old system of Android KitKat settings but this is enough to save precious seconds when you use your smartphone. It would be even better if we could take advantage of research via gestures from the home screen, but, unfortunately, you will need to open the application each time.

google gesture search french
Google Gesture Search can save you precious seconds. © ANDROIDPIT

Google Gesture Search Install on Google Play

2. Arts & Culture: to quench your thirst for knowledge

If you like art, history and are looking for the most beautiful wonders of the world, Arts & Culture of Google is the application need you. Dive through a virtual journey into a world of knowledge. The home screen offers three main tab, Art, history and wonders where you will find several items to view, photos and information in any kind.

A menu on the left allows you to find the latest projects, the most interesting exhibitions of the moment, access to virtual tours of museums the most important in the world and find the most interesting exhibitions available online. A perfect application to satisfy your curiosity and stay up-to-date with cultural activities.

artscultures google
a must-have app for fans of art. © AndroidPIT

Google Arts & Culture Install on Google Play

3. Snapseed: a service of edition photo always available

Snapseed is the application for retouching made in Google you have always wanted. In a few moves, you can select a picture in your gallery, edit in detail through the various available settings, or customize it with a click using the many available filters.

The interface is minimalist and so easy to navigate. This avoids the settings too complicated or useless, but also pubs. If you are a fanatic of selfie, artistic photos or if you are looking for an application to edit your photo, Snapseed will be perfect for you.

Snapseed Install on Google Play

4. Google Rewards Opinion: for the money

even if the application is available in English at the moment, Google surveys can bring you. The internal rewards program of Google invites you to give more information about you and your habits as a user. Google view Rewards is a good way to earn a few euros.

Simply install the application and respond to surveys that are available. You are limited to one questionnaire per week. Some are not paid, but others can be paid up to $ 1. In General, it is especially quick and easy answers.

Google Rewards Opinion Install on Google Play

5. YouTube Creator Studio: for the real YouTubers

who knows not YouTube? Thousands of people have a channel on which they publish videos. If you are among these creators, the YouTube Creator Studio app may interest you.

From the application, you will see how many minutes have been viewed on your videos, how many views or number of subscribers you have. You can also decide, from the control panel of application options, what kind of comments should be accompanied by a notification for you. All, only the most important, or none. It’s an app that will help you manage your most convenient way Youtube Channel.

youtube creator
manage your YouTube channel from your smartphone. © ANDROIDPIT

YouTube Creator Studio Install on Google Play

you know others unknown Google apps that deserve to be present in this article? Let us know in the comments.

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