Google Play Store: 5 tips and features to know absolutely

one of the commonplaces of using an Android smartphone is the obligation to go through the Google Store to find its applications and update them. But did you know that the store did not have these only features? With this tutorial, we will reveal you 5 tips and features to absolutely know to make the most of Google Play.

Google Play

Each year, we have the right to new smartphones ever more powerful and has more features. But while we tend to follow it and regularly change your phone, our experience remains often the same.

It is primarily influenced by the applications that we choose to download on our phone. With Android, it is in the direction of the Google Play Store that we naturally turn. But did you know that it wasn’t just a simple app store?

Today we will teach you how to use a few tricks and features that hide within it, in order to improve your mastery of Android. Ready to become pros of the Store? Follow the guide!

Install an application Play Store not available in France

lately, examples accumulate applications available on the Store, but that are not in France. For example, we can cite Pokémon Duel, which is currently available only for a certain selection of countries as was the case for Pokémon Go temporarily.

By using a VPN

yet it is relatively easy to circumvent this limitation: you just use one of the many available on Android VPN ! In addition to being able to secure your connections, they give you the ability to change virtually country in order to access some limited content.

What is true for Netflix is just as much for the Store! The advantage of this solution is that you’re sure to benefit from the updates of your real-time applications.

By downloading the APK directly

if the use of a VPN scares you, another option awaits you: download it outside the Store Play on sites providing the. APK to them as APKMirror.

But be careful: it is not recommended, to the fact that many hackers to break the security of your smartphone, such as this is the case with Super Mario Run . Choose so open sources or validating the APK, as we do for example.

Once the APK is desired acquired on your phone, simply go to:

  • parameters

  • security

  • check “Unknown Sources”

in this way, you can now install applications outside the Store. Attention however: they will not update automatically, making you may one again to infect you by downloading updates. Better to focus on a VPN for the security of your data.

Manage your applications directly on the Play Store

manage its apps may soon seem binding on Android, for anyone who does not like to navigate its parameters or don’t not have a wrapper making it easier. Know so that you can manage your applications directly through a familiar interface: the Store!

To access the list of your applications, simply you:

  • click on the menu icon at the top right (or drag from left to right on the home page)

  • go to “Games and Applications”

  • choose “My games and applications”

to update or uninstall an application

on this menu, you will see the installed applications needing an update priority , or who have received an update recently. The opportunity to verify that your phone has the latest versions of your applications.

But that’s not all: with this menu, you can also click on an app and choose to uninstall. This simpler and clearer way of managing your software might be better for you, particularly if a smartphone is a bit too complicated at first glance.

Find a used app before

you just change your smartphone, and you can’t find an application that you had before? You wish to have uninstalled an application after the fact, but can’t find her name or find it on the shop?

No problem: in this same menu, at the top of the interface select the category ‘all ‘. This category lists all the you have never installed on one of your Android phones based on the Google account you use.

Set up parental controls on your smartphone

videos smartphones tablettes

being a parent, it is also often let my child play with your smartphone when it is bored. No problem with this, though that we should ensure not to do at an age too young under penalty delay my development .

However, if you do want to part parents ending up with a huge Bill as a result of purchases made by their children, or want to avoid that they have access to apps and violent games, don’t forget to set up parental controls.

To do this, simply:

  • go into the menu of the Play Store

  • choose ‘Settings’

  • down to the category “User commands”

  • press ‘Parental control’

  • turn on

from there, you will need to set up a PIN code that only you would know, and restriction rules. If your child wants to access restricted content, this code will be asked! Note that you can also set it up on the smartphone to your child, and turn it off when he’s old enough for that.

Get a refund application to Play Store

be reimbursed a paid app on the Store Play is extremely simple, with a single limit, however: you ask during the 2 hours of purchase. Know, then, realizing it.

Once you have installed a paid app, its card Play Store will have 2 choices: “Open”, or “Refund” in place of the button uninstall. Also note that if you uninstall your phone within 2 hours of purchase, it will be refunded.

To avoid once again of disappointments, including with children using your phone, you can also make sure your account request an identification more often. For this:

  • go into the menu of the Play Store

  • choose ‘Settings’

  • down to the category “User commands”

  • press ‘Require authentication of purchases’

  • choose “for all purchases […]’

so, your password will be asked for each purchase. More fears!

Set up a family library to share your purchases

If your family members each have a Google account that is clean, this does not mean that you can’t share some of your virtual possessions with them. If you would like to buy a game to your son, or a book to your wife, or make your own accessible to your family, simply set up a family library.

The procedure is slightly longer that the rest of these tips,’re heading you our dedicated configuration guide . However it is possible to choose exactly which applications and purchases to share or not, to avoid that Daddy adult games themselves on the little phone!

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