Getting started with the HTC U Play: the second smart smartphone who listens

in addition to its smartphone U Ultra, HTC also presented the U Ultra Play. It is a small version of the Ultra U, without second screen and technical potential lessened, but the same and of course design with artificial intelligence Sense Companion. During the presentation, we were able to test the HTC U Play and here we show you what he has inside.


HTC U Play – Release Date and price

for HTC, February is under the sign of its U. Mid month, U Ultra will be available in stores, but its price of 749 euros is likely to run more than one. There is a cheaper alternative: the HTC U Play for 449 euros. However, it will take until the end of February to see the marketed device.


HTC U Play – Design and finish

the two new smartphones from HTC, the Ultra U and U Play, differ from their predecessors with their design. The metal or plastic unibody casing belongs to the past, the range U uses a combination of glass and metal in order to attract customers.

Unlike the Ultra U, that U Play is a mid-range device and does therefore not Gorilla Glass 5 but Gorilla Glass 3, as in the before on the back. The difference between these generations of Gorilla Glass is located at the level of the height to which the unit may fall: with the GG3 unit has 80% chance to survive a fall of 1 meter in height, while with the GG5 there 80% chance to survive a fall of 1 m 60.

AndroidPIT htc u play 4095
design change: now we find a combination of metal and glass. © AndroidPIT

the metal frame has a finish aluminium. The sides and the corners are rounded and very well join the chassis. Certainly, we have not tested the final model of the U Play in our grip, but the finish and the haptic really made very good impression. What is classic in a covered smartphone of the front and rear glass, is that fingerprints are quickly visible and, generally speaking, U Play is a smart sliding phone.

AndroidPIT htc u play 4113
the sides and corners agree very well with the chassis. © AndroidPIT


HTC U Play – screen

U Play uses a Super LCD 5.2 inches with a Full-HD definition. The time where mid-range smartphones were using a less than 1080 x 1920 pixel definition is long gone. The pixel density is of 424 ppp holds the road well. It will take a further test to see the pros and cons of this screen, and see how it behaves on a daily basis.

AndroidPIT htc u play 4091
Super LCD display and Full HD definition to the program. © AndroidPIT


HTC U Play – software Interface

as we have seen in the grip of the HTC U Ultra, we cannot speak much about voice control and the Companion Sense because we could not test the final version of the system. Since the processor comes from Mediatek, HTC U Play won’t come with Android 7.0 but with Android 6.0. We don’t know yet if it will benefit from an update but this is very likely.

AndroidPIT htc u play 4081
on a daily basis, the Companion Sense is supposed to simplify our lives. © AndroidPIT


HTC U Play – performance

the inside of this HTC U Play, we find the P10 Helio of MediaTek octocore processor. In terms of memory, we find 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB memory internal. Overall, this HTC U Play is quite similar to the Xperia XA Sony.

AndroidPIT htc u play 4090
the data sheet is not put forward by the manufacturer. © AndroidPIT


HTC U Play – sound quality

you can get a plug mini-jack to plug your audio cable but you won’t find them on this HTC U Play. Like the Ultra U and the HTC Evo 10 , the headset must be connected through a USB of Type-C. HTC puts one in the box so that the user can immediately enjoy.

AndroidPIT htc u play 4147
taking mini-jack belongs to the past. © AndroidPIT


HTC U Play – camera

at the level of the camera, we also find similarities with the HTC Evo 10. U Play uses a 16 megapixels with Aperture F/2.0 lens and a focal distance of 28 millimetres. In addition to auto focus contrast, we also find a autofocus to detection of phase integrated on the chip. This autofocus should details faster. In dark environments, two-tone the optical image stabilizer and the LED flash can improve the results.

For fans of photography a little more demanding, HTC has provided some small set. For example, you can set time of brightness, ISO, the balance of whites etc in manual mode. A RAW function is also available: it will take more space but it allows also more opportunities.

AndroidPIT htc u play 4121
we find the same device as the HTC Evo 10. © AndroidPIT

at the top of the screen, we find the lens of the front camera which is also 16 megapixels, associated with a f/2.0 aperture and a focal distance of 28 millimetres. There is a rotary for selfies panorama function since the angle is a little bit limited for selfies repeatedly. The main camera takes photos with a maximum definition 1080 x 1920 pixels.

AndroidPIT htc u play 4123
the front camera of the device also offers a 16 Megapixel resolution. © AndroidPIT


HTC U Play – autonomy

with 2500 mAh capacity, the battery of the HTC U Play is less generous than the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), one of its direct competitors, which provides 3000 mAh. It will be interesting to know the autonomy of the smartphone daily. Will be t – it sufficient? The Sony Xperia XA, which offers equivalent technical features and a 2300mah battery had not been particularly brilliant in the field.

first verdict

with this HTC U Play, the Taiwanese offers the Sense Companion on a mid-range smartphone and shows that the artifiicelle intelligence can also work without the second screen of the Ultra U. With its hardware configuration, its design and its finish, the HTC U Play is in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017). We will see in our final test if the appliance happens to steal the spotlight from the Samsung smartphone through its software version. For the moment, it made an excellent impression.


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