Garmin Forerunner 935XT: the first leaks

it’s been long that I get questions about the replacement of the Forerunner 920XT. Pulses them began to rise with the release of the 735XT Forerunner, but my analysis was appear that it was not the replacement, but rather a watch on the segment of the triathlon, with more stats but without alti-baro. The 2nd episode of the soap opera began with rumors of the Fenix 5 , but again, I predicted that the Forerunner 935XT would be not announced at the same time, history to not make it shadow.

today ‘ today, maybe it’s the beginning of the end. The first leaks on what would be the Forerunner of 935XT and the Forerunner 635 took place. It comes from the site Applemoessite , the same who had revealed photos of the Fenix 5, which themselves are proven 100% correct. The source is so obviously well informed. And given the description it actually, I think he got it in the hands.

Unfortunately, no photo has leaked, just technical specifications, which can still be a good idea of what will be these 2 new Garmin GPS watches.

presentation of the Garmin Forerunner 935XT

screen will be… round! Thus, square screen don’t remain on the Vívoactive in the range of Garmin GPS watches. The 935XT Forerunner more resemble a Fenix 5 as a Forerunner 735XT, with what looks like a bezel that surrounds the screen, without apparent screws. I just hope that Garmin will manage to keep the weight below 50g.

there are 5 buttons to which it was accustomed with the latest Garmin series (light, up, down, back, Start-Stop). The enclosure is just thinner than the Fenix 5. There will be 2 versions of color: all black and black.

it will not have the quick assembly/disassembly system of bracelet QuickFit as the Fenix 5. Somewhere, it’s a shame because one could imagine a system of quick Assembly with handlebar support which would be proved very useful in triathlon.

it will not resume the charging of the Forerunner 920XT but that of the Fenix 5 cable.

and of course, as indicated in the ‘5’ from its name, the cardio optical sensor is present on the back. The sensor will be the same as that of Fenix 5, i.e. without real bump in the back of the case. In fact, leaks do not a Forerunner 930XT without optical sensor. There is no either Fenix 5 without optical cardio. Perhaps this is the beginning of the era 2.0 GPS cardio without belt watches.

is missing something? The barometric altimeter, of course! Hey well no, is in fact mention anywhere

Presentation of the Forerunner 635

the 635 Forerunner will resume the same hardware as the 935XT Forerunner, except at the level of the colors: black/grey, white/marsala (white / red what) and white/purple.

then there is just a software clamping to remove a big part of sports profiles and sports functions.

price and release date

the Forerunner 735XT is sold €400. We could therefore expect that the Forerunner 935XT more expensive. Bingo! € 500… my announcement could take place late February 2017, jointly with the Forerunner 635. I think then it will be released in the 2nd quarter, just before the summer.

my view

I really think that Garmin will make standard cardio optical sensor on its range of cardio GPS watches (FR35 in entry-level, FR235-FR635 for running, Vívoactive HR for the multisports/leisure, FR735XT-FR935XT for the multisport/triathlon, Fenix 5 – Fenix 5 S-Fenix 5 X for the multi-sport/outdoor and Fenix Chronos to the chicos) , with a heart rate optional belt. It’s déplaira to some, but this is the way things are. It déplaira not to Garmin, which will sell all its watches €100 more expensive thanks to this additional sensor.

2 kiss-cool effect, is that by increasing the price of the new models, Garmin does more need to lower the price of the ancients. That’s why I don’t anticipate a big sell-off on the Fenix 3 HR, even after the release of the Fenix 5. We find the Fenix 3 HR € 479, the Fenix 5 goes out to €600. The price difference is significant and Garmin bradera probably not the Fenix 3. Not right away at least.

leaks don’t talk about features, but I think you will find the specifics of the Forerunner (segments Strava, stress score) 735XT and news of the Fenix 5 (training effect 2.0). Confirmed.


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