Framboise314 and Raspberry Pi, the year 2016

as every year the new year it’s time to balance sheets.
On framboise314 there is no exception to the tradition.
It is an opportunity to revisit the events of the last year to better prepare for next year.
I suggest you take a ride on the various pages of framboise314 and discover all the facets of the blog.

framboise314 in numbers

these daily figures represent the number of visits for the last two months. They oscillate between 6000 and 8000 hits per day. At the bottom of the right column of the blog you will find a globe that shows in real time the connections. On this screenshot from October 12, 2016 we see for example that many french are connected but the Algeria, Quebec, the United States and the Brazil are also present.

click to access the globe in full page.

and as a bonus if you click on the this rectangle next to the globe (marked in red on the left image), you end up on the same globe but full page.

you will see the connections in real-time. Existing connections are symbolized by a segment (whose length is the length of connection), topped by a sign indicating the location of the connection. This is the point of connection to the Internet, not necessarily the actual connection place.

on this map, each red dot represents a place in the world from which someone is logged…

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Google Analytics recorded more than 900 000 visitors unique having consulted 3 million pages in 2016 ! ( a visitor who consults the blog several times in the measurement period is counted only once = unique visitor ). The server hosted at Web4all so broadcasts more than 8000 pages per day .

the articles of 2016

here is the list of… 165 items appeared in 2016 (the latter is not a party). By THE way you may find items that you liked, others you missed…

165 articles over a year it is a little more of 3 articles per week

to pass the list and go directly to the suite Click here .

  1. if we go to LibreOffice 5 on Raspbian Jessie PIXEL

  2. LeoCAD: LEGO models in 3D on Raspberry Pi

  3. a free ebook for good start with the Raspberry Pi

  4. Merry Christmas to all readers of framboise314

  5. RecalBox: Add a pushbutton to turn properly

  6. automation : Simulate the supports of keys on the keyboard

  7. Raspbian Jessie PIXEL i386 for PC and MAC

  8. Florence one [autre] virtual keyboard for the Raspberry Pi

  9. Malinux TV… It continues!

  10. keyboard virtual MatchBox in QWERTY on the Raspberry Pi

  11. WD PiDrive, a special hard drive Raspberry Pi

  12. [Radioamateur] a 70 cm Repeater / 2 meters with a Raspberry Pi

  13. electronics and Leisure Magazine No. 137 was released

  14. BeetleBlocks: like Scratch, but in 3D!

  15. an update of security for Raspbian

  16. make the recycling and Raspberry Pi to Bédoin (84)

  17. two sensors for a robot

  18. Windows Bash

  19. Conference Raspberry Pi in Bedoin (84) November 26, 2016

  20. Pi-TopCeed: a desktop computer with a Raspberry Pi

  21. follow the temperature of a nest box : A Raspberry Pi and two probes DS18B20

  22. share your wildest Raspberry Pi achievements and win prizes!

  23. duck PC HARDWARE: occasional Raspberry Pi + Arduino

  24. a components T3 – LCR Tester, Yes, but still?

  25. the life of electronic components

  26. RabbitMax IoT with the Raspberry Pi

  27. Microbit-> trial

  28. schools in contact with ISS: Raspberry pi in party!

  29. HACKABLE Magazine No. 15 came out

  30. a story illustrated computer

  31. and if we were to JavaScript?

  32. the Raspberry Pi on LCI: thank you Alan

  33. help out a Raspberry Pi is not clairvoyance!

  34. 11 questions to… framboise314

  35. out of my book November 9: participate in the Webinar!

  36. follow the ISS with a Raspberry Pi and Gpredict Thomas PESQUET

  37. Maker Factory accompanies your project to commercialization

  38. Installation of Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi on card micro SD with etch

  39. customize Raspbian Jessie PIXEL: still 3 tips

  40. Micro: bit-> evaluate your friendships

  41. program! The number #200 is available

  42. Rover Spirit: learning Raspberry Pi + Arduino Robot

  43. Pi in Black

  44. the Village of science – Le Creusot – October 15, 2016

  45. Watchdog for my Raspberry Pi

  46. teachers register your class… Direction: space!

  47. 14 things to know to customize Raspbian PIXEL

  48. take control remotely on the Raspberry Pi 3 with VNC on a Tablet

  49. follow the planes with PiAware and your Raspberry Pi

  50. make your gardener Fezitoimeme (DIY) with a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino robot

  51. Raspbian PIXEL version September 2016 : What’s new

  52. Conference Raspberry Pi Nantes Digital Week of September 19, 2016

  53. learn how to write Bash scripts

  54. motorcycle driven by a Raspberry Pi

  55. “Python for the Raspberry Pi” published in the Editions ENI

  56. October 2016 Elektor: Raspberry Pi inside

  57. Nantes : Raspberry Pi conference, visit the Editions ENI and… Tourism

  58. the Micro: bit how to use?

  59. the Micro: bit that is what it is?

  60. I2C, more than 30 years and always topical.

  61. Nantes Digital Week Conference Raspberry Pi on 19 September 2016

  62. ban the black screen of Jessie Lite

  63. 59 years ago ELLIOTT 405

  64. “1, 2, 3… code! A curriculum guide for teaching computer science

  65. a million connections on framboise314 since February 2016!

  66. easy configuration of Raspbian with PiBakery

  67. program! N ° 199 the end of Raspberry Pi?

  68. Hackable No. 14 came out

  69. connect remotely to the Raspberry Pi with TeamViewer

  70. Raspberry Pi 10 MILLION sold!

  71. electronics and Leisure Magazine N ° 136 is out

  72. the push button a trivial component, o how amazing.

  73. Cam-Aero: weather for pilots with the Raspberry Pi

  74. REALLY take the hand remote on your Raspberry Pi with x11VNC

  75. the Blink Suite Saga: it flashes always

  76. your Pi on a USB 3 Raspberry boot

  77. I tested for you : a 3 USB Hub ports + Ethernet to Jack microUSB adapter

  78. take the temperature in GB

  79. Dive into the Go

  80. assessment of the LSM9DS1, a sensor 9 degrees of freedom

  81. Add WiFI to the Raspberry Pi Zero without monopolizing the USB

  82. think ‘Thread’ to simplify your programs

  83. a web interface for a transmitter of FM with the Raspberry Pi

  84. the Saga Blink : A Raspberry to a LED flash!

  85. a case to make a fake dummy camera…

  86. reading barcode with the Raspberry Pi

  87. Hackable Magazine N ° 13 Raspberry Pi donf!

  88. do not neglect the quality of the SD card out of your Raspberry Pi!

  89. a base of Raspberry Pi and Subsonic JukeBox

  90. your cable with the workshop of the Cable

  91. Raspberry Pi and Arduino in the industrial world

  92. RaspTouch music system at base of Raspberry Pi

  93. Chistera-Pi: Lora at hand thanks to SNOOTLAB

  94. with HandiDrone : #KillLaBetise

  95. new on the forum framboise314

  96. electronics and Leisure Magazine: Le N ° 135 is released

  97. SNOOTLAB out Foquinha-Pi, a card Sigfox for Raspberry Pi

  98. with Cayenne, spice up your Raspberry Pi management

  99. Bitcoin, the currency going up

  100. Pi Mediacenter OSMC driving an Arduino in mode ‘slave’

  101. with the new Jessie, the Bluetooth even easier!

  102. boxes customized for your Raspberry Pi with Matterpix

  103. the Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 has a camera CSI port

  104. Raspbian Jessie version 2016-05-10

  105. sharing Samba between 2 Raspberry Pi under Jessie

  106. ikea retro gaming

  107. your arcade in Hackable No.12 Cabinet

  108. EasyEDA : Draw your PCB online

  109. PXFmini, a driver for your Drone

  110. I tested for you: the Raspberry Pi v2 camera: 8 megapixel

  111. Mini Maker make Lyon may 28 and 29, 2016

  112. let your Raspberry Pi

  113. pi – top laptop made from Raspberry ft 3 (or 2)…

  114. turn an Amiga in your Raspberry Pi and vice versa

  115. Raspberry Pi V2 Camera: 8 Megapixels. What Eben Upton?

  116. a new Camera Pi V2 for the Raspberry Pi: 8 Megapixels on the meter!

  117. we all respect the law of Gombretin

  118. the Raspberry Pi 3 in planet Linux N ° 90

  119. 29 and 30 April 2016: capital Nevers of the Raspberry Pi!

  120. resurrect the Game Boy with a Raspberry Pi Zero

  121. allocate a fixed IP address to the Raspberry

  122. PiDrive: 314 GB. Special HDD Raspberry pi finally available in France

  123. program no. 195, a fragrance of raspberry…

  124. audio Bluetooth with the Raspberry Pi 3

  125. secure my Raspberry

  126. OS X soon on the Raspberry Pi 3!

  127. Fish Dish: this fish-shaped expansion card really worth it that… stop *?

  128. Raspbian-France: 2 years, new look and a Raspberry Pi 3 to win!

  129. mooc for makers!

  130. open hack Camp of Courthezon March 26, 2016

  131. one Drone quadricopter with a Raspberry Pi 2 and Navio +

  132. MRPi1, little open Source robot at base of Raspberry Pi +

  133. a webcam for birdhouse made from Raspberry PI 2 driven by a web interface

  134. electronics and Leisure Magazine : N ° 134 came out

  135. add 2 USB ports to your Raspberry Pi Zero with SHOE HUB

  136. workshop Raspberry Pi to the FabLab of le Creusot

  137. a simple web interface to drive LEDS with HTML5 and Python on the Raspberry Pi

  138. make vouchers at the competition Conrad Tekkie

  139. Raspberry Pi and amateur radio : card relay and radio astronomy

  140. Raspberry Pi 3: what’s up, doctor?

  141. Raspberry Pi 3: it was released on February 29, 2016 at 8:00

  142. the Raspberry Pi 3… for soon?

  143. the end of the pepe phone

  144. return to… the past

  145. Raspian Jessie release with openGL

  146. a screen of laptop for the Raspberry Pi

  147. share a directory under Jessie with Samba

  148. make a spectrum with the Raspberry Pi 2 Analyzer

  149. one timelapse like no other…

  150. a cluster of 16 Raspberry Pi Zero

  151. Hackable N ° 10 of the NFC, the Raspberry Pi, but not only…

  152. manage its cards micro SD, a problem with the Raspberry Pi 2

  153. 8%, Chromium OS improves the performance of the Raspberry Pi 2

  154. RISC OS on Raspberry Pi, a site in French!

  155. propose a Raspberry Pi project and win a 3D printer

  156. visit to the Creusot Útopi FabLab

  157. Pirate

  158. systemd, brand new all beautiful? or not…

  159. DiskioPi, is not only a Tablet

  160. update Owncloud in 8.2.2 on Raspberry Pi

  161. program no. 192: Vintage and Drone

  162. PINOCULARS, what a funny name!

  163. The MagPi No.41 is available

  164. Raspbian/Debian are orphans

  165. find out Linux on Raspbian France

framboise314 forum

click to enlarge.

facilitated and moderated by a dynamic and reactive team framboise314 forum quickly became one of the forums of the Raspberry Pi in French-language reference.

more than 2100 members are active on the forum that nearly 20 000 messages divided between 3100 topics . Of the issues that arise for beginners to the more advanced problems through many tutorials, he deserves certainly visiting 🙂

framboise314 on Facebook

click to enlarge.

framboise314 Facebook page this is where you’ll find information that are not necessarily quite “substantial” to have right to an article. These are somehow “brief.” There is also “share” which may affect the Raspberry Pi, the Arduino, robotics, science in general and sometimes even humorous shares.

Conversely, when an article is published on the blog, it was also announced on the Facebook page.

Facebook page has a range of 10 to 18 000 people and just passed the 2000 Like.

the framboise314 Twitter page

click to enlarge.

on the framboise314 Twitter page you will find even more info, but very short because of the limited size of the messages. The Raspberry Pi and the Arduino but also space, especially with the mission Proxima of Thomas Pesquet, science in general, humor, and sometimes a bit of policy…

happy new year 2017 to all the readers of framboise314.

we’ll meet soon for n

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