First impressions of Android Nougat and EMUI 5.0 on Huawei P9

Huawei held promise for the user’s needs by deploying Android Nougat on my P9 earlier this year, as promised

by Jessica Murgia

what do you think?

Download Nougat on P9

the P9 is entitled to the B360 firmware Huawei, a 2.28 GB package that includes both Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI 5.0. To download the update on P9, go through the HiCare application and after a little more than 10 minutes the new software was ready for use.

HiCare Install on Google Play

the update has not erased the data stored on the terminal, but it is recommended to make a backup of the data before you start the installation.

nougat easteregg
nougat and EMUI 5.0 have been deployed at the beginning of the year, as promised. © AndroidPIT © AndroidPIT

new features

the back of the drawer of applications

EMUI has always had more in common with iOS with Android and one of its key features, that is precisely the absence of a drawer of applications. With the new update, EMUI made one more step towards the fans of Android by introducing this feature, in addition to a blue and white interface more purified.

But if, like me, you used to see your applications spread over several screens, organizing them into folders and that the drawer of applications does not interest you, you can disable it by going to settings > home screen Style.

Huawei P9 app drower
the applications drawer is back! © AndroidPIT

a menu of settings redesigned

the settings menu has also undergone a re-design. The icons have a new look and new features (as of the twin applications, but we’ll be back) while others were renamed. Initially, you may feel a little disoriented but not panic, everything we need is there and after a few days you you’ll be used to the new design.

p9 settings
parameters have been revamped, but all sections are kept, don’t worry! © AndroidPIT © AndroidPIT

the multi-window

one of the most requested features is the multi-window, which allows the screen to be divided in two, in order to view two different applications simultaneously. This is part of the additions of Nougat that Huawei has wanted to personalize my way.

To activate, simply just hold the multitasking button. Then, by selecting the blue bar that appears in the Center, you can click on the two arrows to reverse the order of the windows. To exit the multi-window mode, click on the cross or press the multitasking button again.

P9 multiwindow
the two arrows reversed the order of the displayed applications. © AndroidPIT

Quick settings and notifications more intuitive

the menu of settings with Nougat has been revised to increase readability and better intuitiveness. To get there, make a swipe up and down or press the arrow displayed in the top right. Notifications that can be unfolded, and are now more readable. In some cases, they even allow you to answer directly from the lock screen. By holding the finger on notifications you can put them on silent, activate a sound or vibrate to alert or block their reception.

P9 quick settings
the quick settings include notifications more readable and intuitive. © AndroidPIT

Contacts: manage them becomes more easy

If you select a contact from your list of contacts by clicking on the icon at the top right, you can share it via e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Bluetooth, etc. Scan the QR Code, used to add new contacts, has also been implemented on the lock screen. To access swipez from the bottom to the top and then select the icon on the right.

P9 scan
the QR Code will also appear on the lock screen. © AndroidPIT

recommended settings

still in the settings, you will find a section dedicated to the suggestions at the top of the menu. These are recommendations that are based on how you use the smartphone and the options that you have already enabled. Dismiss these suggestions is possible by clicking on X or by accepting one or more of them.

settings tips
do not underestimate the suggestions of the OS. © AndroidPIT

twins Applications: use two different accounts on WhatsApp and Facebook

with this feature, already deployed on the Huawei Mate 9 , you can use two accounts simultaneously with the same applications (WhatsApp and Facebook). Twin applications are displayed on the home screen and can be used independently. It’s a neat trick for those who use a dual-SIM or two different accounts, the staff and the other professional.

App twin
you can now use two different accounts on the same application. © AndroidPIT

camera: a plugin to save the internal storage space

once the camera open, you can view the different modes of shooting in swipant once from left to right. Some of them, like yum or mode that is dedicated to editing documents may be absent, but they are available in the form of plugins by clicking more.

In this way, you can save the storage space on your device and have some features available only when they are needed, install them with a single click.

P9 camera
plugins to save internal memory. © AndroidPIT

Multilingual Support

thanks to Nougat, it is now possible to get different languages by clicking Advanced settings > languages > add a language. The most interesting aspect is the intuitiveness and ease with which one can switch from one language to another: simply place my finger on the language you want to switch to main, and wear at the top of the list.

P9 language
switch from one language to another is extremely easy. © AndroidPIT

eye Protection

this function activates a filter for the blue light emitted by the screen, which causes less eyestrain when reading or using the terminal for an extended period. When activated, the display has a yellow tint to which your eyes adapt quickly. If you are used to reading since your P9 overnight, you can also program the activation and deactivation of the “Visual protection” mode at a time fixed.

This feature is already present on the latest models Huawei and Honor (like Nova , Nova more and Honor 8 ), where Nougat has already been deployed.

P9 eye comfort
enjoy the protection of the eyes on the P9 with a few clicks. © AndroidPIT


as previously explained, the settings menu has been revised as the submenu on the battery. Nougat also included the cleaning of lock screen option that makes you close background applications when it is locked to save battery.

p9 battery
the lock screen allows you to manage applications in the background when the screen is off. © AndroidPIT

when I tested the unit with the Nougat update in my spare time, I did not notice particular improvement on self-government. I use my P9 to make calls, surf the Internet, send WhatsApp messages, view Facebook and Instagram, take some pictures and browse the smartphone settings took a whole day. Use the smartphone to more intensively during the day will require a daily charging.


overall, Nougat turns on Huawei P9 without any problems or bugs. The smartphone is very reactive and does not laggy or planted suddenly. The only significant concern came from the automatic opening of WhatsApp but it happened only once.

As a whole, the user experience of the new interface, especially with the new management of notifications and multitasking, improved. Making the transition between the applications and the browser is fast. As for l’ autonomy, there is not notable to mention improvements but only a longer use of the P9 can give us a better idea in the matter.

EMUI 5.0 user interface is blue and white, a look that will not please everyone, but could well win some fans with the arrival of a drawer of application. I think that Huawei is very fared well to deploy Nougat on P9, beginning with an update at the beginning of year, as announced by the manufacturer.

And you, you already have Nougat on your Huawei P9? What do you think?

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