Farewell 2016, 2017 Hello! Some reflections on the old and the new year!

the 2016 year ends. In a few hours, we will celebrate the new year 2017. The opportunity to breathe and to turn a page after a difficult year. We have heard talk of the war in Syria, political agitation in the world or of the various terrorist attacks, last season will leave a negative image in the mind of many people.

AndroidPIT has also been a year full of challenges. Major changes have been made. For example, we decided to abandon our editorial by countries to adopt a much broader approach that I mention you later in this article. We have also developed a new project by offering a whole new product for the content of our web site, which also proved to be a long and laborious process. We also had to say goodbye to some familiar faces.

that being said, we also hosted new faces in the team. That is how it happens. One door closes, another opens. And we even open the door to 2017, without knowing if it will be a good or a bad year. However, and no matter what happens during the 366 days, the most important thing is to make the best of it and enjoy all the days. And even in spite of the tragic events that take place in 2016, there are a lot of incredible things to look back. The problems aren’t necessarily all as bad as we think.

2017 will be an exciting year for AndroidPIT. We, like you, our resolutions and many projects for the coming year. Here is a glimpse:

we will build our community (once again)

a few years ago, if you had asked me what distinguishes our technology site from the rest, I would have told you about our great community. Today, when I look at some of the comments in the forum, I can clearly see that we have a little failed and not enough listened to the needs of our users.

Our community is very important to us and there is still much to do. It’s a most important thing. With the aim of greater transparency, we will inform the users of the forum of all the features on which we are working. However, we will not be able to create everything that users want to because that would not make sense for the site or is all just not feasible but rest assured we will listen to your proposals. After all, Rome was not built in a day. What is the most important for us, is that we work together, what is the purpose of a community.

We also offer talented bloggers the opportunity to work with AndroidPIT. We already did this a few years ago, where some of our talented tech bloggers have taken the pen on our site to express their opinion.

Community Blog

there are a lot of hidden talent in our communities on each instance of AndroidPIT. We know. These people often have relevant ideas that we have not yet covered, or that we did not cover completely. It is also a way to discover products that we know and that deserve to be shared with the community. AndroidPIT has more than 20 million readers per month on all its sites. This is 2.5 times the size of New York. It would be really amazing among all these people do not find many talents.

If you think it would be something that interests you, feel free to contact me via private message.

Community Blogs and bloggers will have a special label so that we can quickly recognize if a text is written by one of our editors or a blogger of AndroidPIT.

More videos

we want to be more visible. Starting in January, we’ll start a whole new video format that will allow our users to better know us. Videos can also really improve our articles. This is why we do not want to miss this turn.

Videos will have much more importance from next month and new talent will strengthen our team to help us shine in this area.

It’s been long that I want to see more videos at AndroidPIT

by Fabien Roehlinger

what do you think?

… and the quality on the rise

returning to AndroidPIT as Global Head of Content, I promised more quality. In the past months, however, we received comments from some of our readers who have expressed that this was not always the case. The items we often update also seem to bother some readers. In addition, some items appeared to miss the call, such as those on privacy, but we hope to put an end to these worries in 2017.

Although I raise this point, I do not want to start a debate on how we update the articles. Many readers find that these updates are very informative, although loyal readers sometimes regret their forward regular setting. This is why we are currently working on technical solutions that we hope will bear fruit in a few months.

When certain topics are not covered, as on the topic of privacy and security online, for example, it is in most of the time a lack of time, resources or specific knowledge in the field.

Start Community Blog is a very good idea

by Fabien Roehlinger

what do you think?


a turbulent year comes to an end. As I write this article, I also feel a certain sadness of the last 366 days tedious. But it wasn’t completely a bad year either. Many important things have occurred anywhere in the world.

Enough politics, back to technology. The year 2017 promises to be rich in news with progress in artificial intelligence in design but also in connected cars. 

Whatever happens in 2017, rest assured that the year will be exciting! And we’re going to the best advantage. I also hope that those who have suffered in the past year will be brightest days next year.

On behalf of the entire team of AndroidPIT, thank you for your loyalty over the past year 2016 and wish you a good year 2017.

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